Saturday, August 7, 2010

fair and unfair

well, just as a though, i was going through a personal diary i maintain, and a lot of the days we just complaints about trivial matters, which appear really small. i wrote in this one entry about how life is simply unfair .... what is surprsing is that not in one did i say that life is fair to me... guess fair is not fair enough.
is this the case with everyone? i think so, we complain.. and complain some more. but how many times do we say "great! life is being fair to me". what is also surprising is how all the problems we face look so huge, but eventually turn out to be just fine. so then we face new crisis and then we start the process of fair and unfair. so sometime soon i wish that for once i would feel that life is being generous and kind to me.
what really needs to looked at is, how we use 'fair' and 'unfair'... well at a personal level its unfair, but if something remotely similar happens to anyone its becomes 'fair', bias is inherent to us. our problems always feel bigger, yes most of them would feel for other people but only once our problem has been dealt with. the cliche most often heard is " my problem felt nothing when compared to his/her, fact is that the problem is question has been dealt with and has taken the back seat. that is why you compare it with others and talk about it in the first place!

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