Monday, July 12, 2010

breaking the code!!

The first thought of understanding personality through clothes reminds us of Sherlock Holmes deducing his subject merely on the clothes, for instance in the Blue Carbuncle where Holmes tells everything about a person’s life from a hat.!
The human mind is a complicated mechanism that continuously tries at exhibiting personality through various methods and in this world of dress codes and uniforms we take it up as a challenge on how we can bring out personality by little things we do in terms of clothing.
Clothing is an excellent outlet for one’s personal expression; research suggests that even at a subconscious level we choose clothes that reflect our attitudes, on observation one can notice how we tweak the uniformity just a little to match our style. For instance, in an office where people are expected to be dressed in formal clothes people are seen wearing cartoon print socks, however diminutive the expression may be it tells us great lemgths about the human mind.
A theory in definition means “a theory is any statement that is based on careful observation, common sense theories, are not detailed mathematical calculation or scientific research, common sense theories are logical statements, a theory in definition should help us predict patterns of behaviours ”.
The theory that is being suggested is that “personal expression always trickles in even in a much uniformed place such as an organisation and such expressions always communicate very effectively what the individual feels or is”.

Example of personal expression:
• Tattoos
• Clothing
• Hair style
• Makeup
• Shoes
• Accessories
Personal expressions help us break through the clutter of uniformity; every person uses the available forms of expressions, to make a point and the theory says that all of us use these expressions extensively to make a point..
It is widely accepted that clothing is a form of expression of a person, but how much does what we wear communicate who we are? Do any of the personal expressions mean anything?
Clothing reflects personality, because people usually wear what they like and what makes them feel good about themselves. In this day and age it is very hard to keep up with each generation's trend be it on how I carry myself through my clothes or how I represent myself through my personality. Each person or group has his or her own style. The styles reflect their way of life. If one plays sports, he or she tends to be more casual in their choice of clothes. If one socializes with a popular group, he or she tends to be meticulous in choosing clothing. People have their own preference in attire, based on their personality.
What is more intriguing is how we use subtle ways to tell the world what we are, how we feel without being too vocal about it, Take another instance of the type of haircuts we get, generally men have short crops and women have longer hair, however somebody into sports will generally tend have shorter hair than the rest of the male population, simply because it sounds more practical and establishes the sporty look. Women break through the clutter of long hair, by streaking them or getting them styled differently. The streaked hair conveys that the person is not scared to experiment and is more likely to be an extrovert.
Everything to do with our looks is integral to us and we take extreme care to look what we are, when somebody carries a two sided bag, it shows the person puts comfort before style, (here we assume that the bag is strictly in sense of comfort vs. style)

This still does not answer the important question of why we choose the clothes that we do or the other forms of expressions.
The answer here is simple; our mind is conditioned to certain aspects of our personality and that surface every time a person makes a choice. For instance choosing really bright colours-- an introvert does not enjoy attention and hence will never choose to wear a bright colour, simply because it grabs attention, however an extrovert will buy clothes that grab attention because he does not mind it, and more importantly enjoys it.
Moving on to more subtle things like choice of jewellery, a person chooses jewellery as an expression again to break through the clutter of uniformity. Bracelets, earrings and chains help tell scores about a person, like chunky jewellery, or metal jewellery shows his/her tendency towards rock music, not just music, choice of jewellery can tell you a lot about a person’s financial status.
Humans like to show the world who they really are and do it through clothes, critics may claim that clothes are a mere facade to hide who a person originally is, but Like Sherlock Holmes says disguise helps deception, but also that in the whole idea of deceiving somewhere the truth however improbable spills out, meaning that no matter how much one tries to fool the world by behaving differently or by dressing up a certain way our personality paves a way and eventually comes out.
Another critic may be about full uniformity such as doctors or lawyers, they too have certain expression like a hidden tattoo or sometimes even the air with which the carry the uniform can tell you about them.
Hence in conclusion I would like to say that the theory of “personal expression and breaking the clutter” holds good since it helps us predict if not with 100% accuracy about a person, but at least paves a way to try a understand a person.

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