Monday, August 9, 2010

distraction = interest!!!

well, what distracts us the most interests us the most!.... i think we should never avoid the stuff that distracts us from doing what we should do, yes! the problem is that these distractions occur only when we have die hard urgency to meet. but thinking more deeply into the idea, isnt the distraction the strong enough to distract you from your work? well, for instance studying, if say the television or music distract one, that is the higher calling that one should take seriously. i am not negating the importance of concentration but i feel one should choose something of his liking that wont distract you because that is your favorite thing to do?
doesnt the logic hold good? for some reason all i can think of when i study is writing, and so i chose to be here doing my thing - writing. I am not saying i am any good at it. i am saying that writing keeps me involved in an activity that does not let me be distracted. it takes up my concentration and helps me do my thing with complete dedication and when i write, not studies, not movies not music nothing can distract me!

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