Thursday, May 23, 2013

Looks like I won a Liebster -Share the joy! :D

Seeing how writing truly defines me, I thought this was a good time to say it out loud. Well, I hadnt written in the last  few months because I was not in the right place in my mind to pen down anything worth publishing. I had lost any and all inclination to so much as log in and see what's up with my blog. (That's the first time, ever).
But then, I got an update from my blog from who said my blog was picked for an award, considering how I had just not written in very long, I was surprised. Anyway, I've seen the pretty award pinned on awesome blogs and the chance to embellish my blog with one of these babies was just too irresistible.I started writing in the month of April and it got very personal. It stayed in my drafts folder for quite sometime, and now that I am out of my self imposed break. I thought this should be a good thing to write about and who better to celebrate it with then people who love writing.  And so this .

 I read the instructions   below which I'm following now. 
Liebster Award is used to highlight smaller, lesser known blogs, blogs that have less than 200 followers. Liebster (the word means kindest, dearest, beloved, cute, endearing in German) is an award that you accept with an intention of paying it forward.

While accepting the award you have to:

a. Post 11 things about yourself
b. Answer 11 questions set by the nominator
c. Choose 11 deserving bloggers meeting the criteria
d. Set 11 questions for them.
e. Inform the nominee by commenting on one of their posts.
You are not obligated to accept the award to send it forward. This is just a way to get a word out about new blogs that your followers may not know.

a. Post 11 things about yourself

  1. I am a coffee addict.
  2. I prefer to work late nights, not early mornings. 
  3. I love cats,dogs, mice and all animals. 
  4. I have a sleeping schedule worse than a bat. (I'm probably Batman)
  5.  I am a feminist .
  6.  I want to own a book store or be a librarian
  7. Chocolates -They are my weakness. 
  8.  I have unrealistic ideas about love.
  9. I like a lot of the bollywood gaana bajana! Not a fan of the movies. .
  10. I love rains and I am named after them.
  11. I've bought many books only because they are pretty. I've not read or intend to read them. (Judging the book by its cover)
  12. Bonus :I'm fluent in Cat language. I'm haz too much humour.  
b. Answer 11 questions set by the nominator
1. What made you start your blog? 
I wanted to write something  somewhere and diaries were becoming too tedious to maintain.

2. What would make you stop blogging? 
Writers block. or if I am in bad place personally.Nothing else. 

3. Who is your favorite Blogger? 
I have none, I dont even follow that many blogs. But I must say there was this one about a woman who wrote about her adventures, she was 40 something and going back to college it as about how she loves writing, sadly I lost the bookmarked page and I cannot remember her name or her blog. It was one gem of a blog. 

4. Which according to you is your best post till now? 
Well, It is probably the one called 'The Last Tree Standing"

5. Who was the first person you told about your blog? 
I think it was random facebook message to a bunch of friends.

6. Who was your first blog follower?
I dont really remember.

7. How long do you usually take to write a post? 
Most of the posts I want to write is already in my mind, takes me an hour tops.

8. Are you concerned about page view counts? 
Absolutely not. I stopped writing after my page view shot up. (Weirdly and unintentionally)

9. Does having less than 200 followers matter to you?

10. What is the best part of blogging?
Getting a platform to vent out

11. Do you encourage others to start blogging?
Absolutely! I would scream from rooftops to tell people to get writing and posting stuff.

c. Choose 11 deserving bloggers meeting the criteria

And the Award winners are.....
Dang! I dont even have 11 blogs to recommend. Like seriously.
  1. My pen pal! - -Nivedita. Keep the posts coming :D
  2. The second one to a follower of my blog - Thanks Himanshu. Keep travelling and writing
  3. To another wonderful blog - Aswathy, cheers to some really good writing. 
  4. My best friend, literally my 2AM person! -
  5. Next up, twitter friend - -Chicky, I love your day wise break up of the blog. Brilliant idea! 
  6. Another follower of my blog.  - (Thanks for bearing with the writing, Ankit)
  7. This one is for Richa Singh, she was the first 'stranger' (At the time) to comment on my blog. also, her writing is really awesome! 
  8.  And Parv. Amazing content! Super smart stuff, fellow bibliophile. Very intellectual too!
d. Set 11 questions for them
1)What would your first book be called?
2)Have you entered into a heated debate because someone disagrees with your post? (Offline/online)
3)On a scale of 1 -10 how would your rate your writing?
4) What is your greatest addiction?
5)What is the best thing that your blog has done for you?
6)What is your process of writing?
7)Have you won a Liebster award previously? (How did it feel?) (How does it feel now?)
8)Who was the first person who told you that you should write?
9)What is your idea of a perfect day?
10)What is the inspiration for the name of your blog?
11)Complete the sentence " There is always something that makes me_______________________"

e. Inform the nominee by commenting on one of their posts.

Share the love and also the link to your posts (Would love to read them!)


  1. thank you sooo much!! now now girl dont break the string of your writing because I love it :)


  2. Wow! Thank you, Maggie! That's one award I'd been waiting to get for so long, but all my blog buddies just stopped giving out blog awards! And now, thanks to you, I won't have to feel sad every time I see this award in some blog's sidebar! :P

    Will accept it officially on my blog tomorrow now! :D It's going to be tough finding 11 bloggers, with less than 200 followers, in my reader list! Gulpppp!

  3. is the link to my post... you can read the answers if you like :D :D


  4. thanku so much for the wonderful award maggie!!! means a lot to me :)

  5. Thanks Maggie! It's one of the part of the life.


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