Saturday, December 26, 2009


The very honest common man has so many things to say yet he remains a silent spectator to everything that happens around him, with a certain element of surprise and shock, R.K.Laxman's Common man is a reflection of every "aam aadmi" in India, who cannot do much about the whole situation other than just laugh it off, taking the bad and the ugly with a pinch of salt and being happy with the hope that something good will come by. what I love about the common man is that he is amongst us the real "aam admi" he stands there at political speeches, survives inflation, bears with unkept promises, knows that he will never have the ideal politician, the best prices, or the promised development yet, innocently believes the politicians. I love the fact that R.K Laxman conveys the inconvenient truth with his subtle sense of humour that makes you laugh and still does not overdo the misery of the common man (there is no "overdoing" because at some level each of them is true) and hardly any exaggeration.

The portrayal of the common man who tells his story in not more than a line is simply wonderful and unlike most other political cartoons this one is from a point of view of the people who really read it, the common man is funny and serious, he finds ways to make his survival simpler and tries to stay out of all the problems and yet finds himself at the heart of one always -- always!!

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