Thursday, November 18, 2010

soooo many options... the IE eye opener

well, to start of 25 days have gone by and at the end of it I have come out feeling more sure, confident and convinced about myself, I may not have been the best at my job, but I sure did my best, I realised a lot of things about myself, that I did not really consider at first.... I started thinking on the lines of "will I survive as a journalist?" than "I want to become a journalist!", easier said than done, life as a journalist is great, but life in general is no cakewalk, but if your looking for a life on the go, this is the place to be.
I worked a not so tight schedule, and I loved every bit of it, even the bits I hated, I love! having worked for a month I would become a journalist, yes! but do I really want to? everything I ever wanted to be from the age of 14 was a journalist, and 7 years down, and im still on the way to realising what I want to be, I always thought it would be easy. I had the idea that if you love something a lot, you will definitely end up doing that.... you know what, thats not true! its not an easy choice, life does not just throw you answers, you cannot wish to become something and become it! you have to simply experiment with options. I feel I have wronged few people when I told them, all I wanted to ever do was a degree, I don't think I'm that person anymore.I have grown up, only to realise what i did, was just not enough, it's what most teenagers would put in the category of "So, no big deal" and trust me!. I have come to the age where, ideally i should be more sure of where my life is going, but im not, i have no idea whatsoever which direction im headed, and surprisingly i am comfortable with it.
I may not become a genius, I have no chance of becoming one! but i still have a chance of doing what nobody expects, which still means i have a fighting chance to prove that im not predictable!! everyone who ever thought I was smart was wrong, cuz ive never done anything to be called so, but so is everyone who labelled me otherwise, cuz im still not what they called me.
this internship, gave me a lot of time to think about who I want to become, to see if I fit in, make the cut! and I do! but do I want to make that call? I guess not.... the next 600 days are going to determine what career option I keep and what I eliminate, Iwill consider each one of them, may be even undertake a few, but eventually what I become im still not sure.... may be a journalist, may be a PR person, may be a advertising person, may be a MC for occasions, may be become an event manager, may be a freelancer, may be a RJ! i saved the best for the last - the one profession that has more than once been a problem for me- a Professor (but the awesomely cool kinds... unlike a few other who make teaching look like a nightmare and their student suffer hell)



  1. Good good, the last bit of RJ and Professor seems to be two extremes you're could be thinking of.. But then both of them gives you a good name.. Go for it! :)

  2. Hey all the very best for ur future dear.. i m sure u'll find ur way and m sure, whtevr u decide to do, u'll do gr8 in that. u'll b on top dear..mark my words..gud luck:)


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