Friday, December 28, 2012

Readers Block.

I have something called the readers block right now. A readers block according to me is when you love reading but still cant get yourself to read anything. I am one of those reads everything type people, I have no particular genre because I think every genre has something to offer to its reader a life altering thought if you will. But I also believe that you don't choose books to read they choose you. They somehow make their way into your life, sometimes from a suggestion, sometimes by accident, sometimes intentionally. Most books I pick are accidental, they just happen to me.  But in the last 7 days I haven't been able to find anything that might hold my interest, no magazines, no books, no blogs. I am yearning for my next life changer and it isn't coming. All the books I have and the 100's I haven't read not one appeals to me right now. I tried a lot of genres right from autobiographies, sci fi, humour, philosophy, wildlife, magic, non fiction, war history, science experiments and all of it and no avail. I even tried a little bit of classic literature but before I could so much  as finish it, fell out of love with it.

This is the reader's block and I absolutely hate it. I am unable to read a book and not because I don't like reading or because I dont understand, but because it isn't appealing to me today. I am obviously getting over my readers block, but I don't know which book will do that. I want to be mesmerized from the first line and never let go of the book, I want this book to occupy my senses and continuously indulge in my imagination. I want my next book to pop up and be read. I want my next Harry Potter. 

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