Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two States

I sat up till 3 in the morning to see how all this effort to like this book by Chetan Bhagat was going to end! I loved 5 point someone... i somehow felt ok about One night at the call centre... 3Mistakes is clearly not my favourite! but with 2 states - Bhagat just lost one of his readers.... most would think of this as lame.... that I cannot like a Chetan Bhagat... who is a so called "cult figure" for the youth, but sorry i really don't, i mean with 5 point the story felt new and fresh, but with the other one million books that came out on the same lines like what i mentioned before, Chetan Bhagat certainly became that "COLLEGE-STORY WRITER" first IIT now IIM if its his autobiographical account! kudos to you man! you have the best set of inlaws, but otherwise is just another girl like boy.... boy likes girl... familes hate each other story... also the whole angle of Punjabis who are sooo racist (yes, Bhagat exaggerates it to that extent) and that the South Indians are portrayed as either very lame or excessively dumb to read in between the lines! who cannot figure out why the guy who loves their daughter is doing so many things for them! (yaha! because he loves her) there are a few dramatic moments in the book, it is a captivating read nonetheless because it includes a few scenes that could be found in a middle class home... a few witty lines as well but that it writing and flow of the story i think is great, but story wise falls a lil short of the expectation after the "5 point someone"

I know i will read the 5th book of Bhagat's but again 2 states - story of my marriage... not a favorite!

P.S I still love Chatan Bhagat's writing (nah! im not diplomatic!) ROFL

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