Friday, January 15, 2010

Twilight series!

Well first let me go all praises for Stephanie Meyer for Twilight and new moon, her writing is certainly pleasant,thats all I can say! I am not a big "Romance" fan and I have read very few romances and disliked each one of them but for a different reason. well I loved Nicholas Sparks but he kept killing people in the end, I mean what a sad book, if you read to escape you might as well read something to cheer you up! not something like a sob fest! then talking about Mills and Boon! (should we even talk?) I guess not! its just lame I read a few (2) and thought of them to be extremely stupid! lame goo-goo storyline!
and now Vampire love! I did look forward to reading "magic meets love genre" fiction after Harry Potter but twilight is disappointing , Meyer is over descriptive and poetic which isnt a good thing considering that readers don't feel like imagining the beauty of a place when all they want to know are the details of the fight. the lead charecter is very loosely defined and she doesnt feel like a "damsel in distress" she feels like somebody who asks for trouble because of her own decisions.... she gets talked into the relationship or so it appears.... Edward's eyes stone cold and all..... yes but thr is a time a place to describe the magnificence of a person... specially when all hell is breaking loose.... Its like J.K Rowling describing Harry's hair in the final war against Voldemort! I was also not very excited about the fight sequences either which have very scanty details I mean the climax of any book should last for more than 5 or 6 pages!
I know its the "TWISTED TALE OF LOVE" genre of books but to twist it in a way that makes your lead look like a loser is bad! I mean people hate Bella swan (cuz she is in love with the werewolf and vampire both at the same time) which cannot be a good thing. then people think of Edward as the very understanding guy.... but to have no jealousy at all takes away a lil fun from the readers perspective! for him to be fine with the fact that "His Bella is in love with Her Jacob and for Edward to be fine with all of it!" totally out of my understanding

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