Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions!

well, a cliche in its self! if anybody has a resolution they should hav
e a resolution to stick to it! for me a resolution is one more rule to break, for me resolution
s are those things that you wish you did but you know somewhere inside that you will never keep to it.... with the best excuse of "rule/resolutions are meant to be broken" the fact that they haven't been possible in the past should simply be taken as an indication that this Jan 1st or any Jan 1st in the future this resolution is not going to hold good. you are going to punch holes in the resolution and end up coming out worse, my experience tells me that only "dire necessity" can make you stick to a resolution like say the most common resolution of "losing weight" why??? if the past 18 20 25 years nothing has made you lose weight how come this Jan 1st changes it? unless there is a dire necessity of say the doctor says "lose weight or you will die" only then is someone going to stick to their resolutions....
Jan 1st resolutions are a hoax! you can have a resolution in june and stick to it till the next June, but never have a Jan 1st resolution and stick to it for more than a month. is it psychological? may be... the thought of sticking to something for 12 months is one that puts me in confusion...
Sticking to resolutions is one thing... having sensible resolutions -- quiet another. Most of my resolutions are about things i hate like say -study for 2hours a day :(... nothing has motivated me to do it... how will the new year do it? picking out sensible resolutions is a trick i haven't been able to figure out.... for me sensible would become comfortable, safe ,almost easy! but then all of these are already what i do! like say read more books.... i do it without resolutions... write everyday... somehow end up doing it!.... keep my room clean (eh! who is to see... broken this resolution atleast a million times in the last one year!) ,this is my confusion how do i pick a resolution that makes me a better person without making me feel stupid for picking up resolutions that i know i can't stick to because of the fact that it is impossible... like say eat healthy! (how do you do that! I'm Indian... with all the festivities and the yumm food... eating sweets, oily, spicy and tasty food full of carbs and fat is in the blood) i simply cannot settle for a salad! I will laugh at myself forget the part where I will have a room full of people laughing at me. and yes! did you say exercise? no sir! after all that food im too tired to think about it! and lose weight? why? I have the best excuse of I am tall... or I have heavy bones.. or that universal statement "tomorrow!"

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