Friday, January 29, 2010

Irving Wallace - story teller extraordinaire!

Let me start with a confession! i have read his books and was equally intrigued by ingenuity of the authors' imagination! agreed that Im a die hard Irving Wallace fan, and a little biased as well, but the fact is that you cannot possibly stop yourself from falling in love with Wallace' unique style of writing books, in which he uses a rather "out there" language, but very easy to follow, very simple to keep up with, (may be because the plot is a little complex)... what I find most intriguing is the fact that he bases his plot on a lot of ideas and beautifully translates them on paper, not differently but as a whole, for instance he describes the private life of 10 different individuals but then brings them on a common platform only for the readers to see, if these were real characters, none would have crossed paths for many many years, yet some fateful day they would come to each other! thats the beauty. he tries not to connect the obvious... just goes on elaborating the private life's of each character till a point he feels they are ready to come face to face! and when they do... it is equally gripping to see them together!
for example : a a curator from Russia, a historian from UK, a architect from USA, an Israeli Journalist , the Mossad, Eva Braun and Hitler all are a part of the fascinating tale in the "SEVENTH SECRET".. a gripping plot, that makes it almost impossible to set down! this book could keep you reading even if the house was on fire! :)
his other works would be "The word" "Chapman report" "Fan club" Guest of honor" "Second lady" "The plot" "The man" and many others!

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