Thursday, May 10, 2012


Wake up Sid is the cutest movie ever. No, not because I am drooling over Ranbir kapoor, not because of Konkonas serious ‘experimental acting’, also not because of the character Konkona’s house has (okay, may be a lil bit)
When I went to watch WUS (lol) Wake Up Sid, I was in for a surprise. I was not expecting to see myself on screen. I don’t mean it literally. I mean, there she was –aspiring writer, in a new city, making a friend, having lots of high headed opinions,  having a lot of character and damn I was taken in by the character. I wanted to be Konkana, or maybe I was Konkana.
Sid is the average guy, finding himself and bla. His story was really of no interest to me. I was sitting there waiting to see what Konkana does with her life, because I was mentally preparing myself to experience it.  The moving in, the sitting on the terrace at 1 in the night, the want for a crazy place …that’s me.    
Epic scene is an understatement 
I connected to the film because I was going through a dilemma of my own. I had no idea where my life was headed. I wanted to be different. I was not sure how I’d be doing that. Not that WUS told me how I’d do all this ,but it still spoke to me. It spoke to the side in my head that wanted to be a writer.
Iktara was epic but what truly defines the movie.
To me is the scene when Konkana moves into her new house and gets a package from home, it holds stuff she likes. Her sniffing an old book put any criticism against the film to rest! That moment, I was like -logical side of head “screw you!. They got this right, its good enough for me” At that moment it wouldn’t have mattered if the whole film sucked. If it was about Ranbir discovering his love from his previous life,or if that he is a reincarnation of a dog, or if the film was about ghost in Konkona’s kitchen. The book sniffing was it. And I was in love with her and the movie!

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  1. Criticism? what criticism? who in their right mind didnt like WUS!!

    For me THE most epic moment was when KoKo says - she doesnt like Jazz and leaves the oh so debonair rahul khanna hanging dry for the kiddo . I mean we all make bad choices .. when we are chasing our heart. she did too and made it look cool.. LOL.


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