Thursday, December 24, 2009

Arthur Hailey -Hotel

As i pick this book by Arther Hailey one of the most striking qualities that screams out is its "realism" or the fact that it feels like something that could happen in day to day life, like say "Hotel" a personal favorite by Hailey, the 200 odd page story that revolves around a few characters of the St Gregory Hotel in New Orleans .... the book is filled with drama... and excitement, it is fast paced yet underlines the depth and reaction of each of its characters in a way that the book neither feels too fast nor too slow, its just right! the book has also a series of emotions and the characters on this roller coaster ride, each character is given equal importance and none of them feels like a push over, (who sometimes authors add just to add a lil humor or suspense)
Although the book has too many things happening including a murder, weird guests, robbery, blackmail, deceit, but even with all the activities that send the staff into a tizzy Hailey adds a really nice love story that runs parallel in the background, the author manages to make all this look perfectly normal, like something that happens in the normal course of business, for instance how everyone in the "Hotel" work toward making guests most comfortable and how some guests make sure they give the hotel staff a tough time! how some people try to keep their personal life away from work yet end up mixing it all up, the confusion and complications are dealt with very beautifully, it is the story of just one night, and the happenings in the hotel on that eventful day.

A daily sop on similar lines called "HOTEL KINGSTON" which is a chapter by chapter rendition of the book...

As a conclusion i definitely agree with the Chicago Tribune which says "Catches the reader by his lapel and pulls him through to the last crowded page"

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