Monday, March 17, 2014

Who do you trust more: yourself or others?

Ok, there is no answer to this. I trust myself. That's obviously a given. It has to be. If I counted on people recusing me every time, I'd be in deep shit. But having said that, I've hit rock bottom and have been helped by people all I've had to do is trust them not let me go.

But here's the deal. Who do you trust is a very context based question. If I want surgery, I'm definately more trusting my surgeon than say my friend. Also, if I need a shoulder to cry on, you guessed it, I will not ask for my surgeon. That aside, if I didn't have friends, I would definitely have to say when it comes to a lot of thing, I trust myself.

I am secretive and that's not changing any time soon. I trust myself with my secrets, I trust myself with knowing exactly what I want. I trust myself to know the difference between what's right and wrong and I trust myself to know when to stop. It doesn't involve people if the end result is going to be me doing something that affects exclusively myself, then I would take my own decision. If it involves someone else, then yes whether I trust them enough or not, I make them a part of the decision.

I have yet to understand 'trust' as a concept. So how do you trust someone more than yourself? I can't. I'm not even okay with letting too many people in my life let alone "trust" them. The problem with trusting people more than yourself is to be so sure that nothing that they do could ever be wrong and that's obviously not possible. I'd rather be sorry for all the choices and decisions I make than for the consequences of someone's actions. I think I trust with caution. I am not distrustful and that should be good enough.

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