Saturday, July 27, 2013

My A to Z challenge! :D

A –Animal Farm
B- Born Free
C- Carmen
D- Detective
E- Eat Pray love
F –Fight Club
G – Gullivers travel
H –Harry Potter
I- Inkheart
J – Joker in the pack
K- Keep off the grass
L- love story
M- Message in a bottle
N- Nineteen eighty four
O- Order of phoenix
P- Perks of being a wallflower
Q- QB VII/1Q84
R – Rich dad, poor dad
S –Sputnik sweetheart
T –The bell jar
U- Ulysses (Still to read)
V- Valley of fear
W- Weirdoes from another planet
X- X Files
Y- Yuganta
Z- Zorro comics (I think I read one. Downloading and reading one just so I can be honest and claim to have read it ;))

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  1. Thank God you put InkHeart in I. And i'm going to follow this as well (unless I come up with another list for the 2nd part of the year).


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