Monday, December 28, 2009

don't judge a book by its cover???

"Don't judge a book by its cover?" hell no! that is for the old books.... the ones that have nothing written on their covers, Every time I start a book I start the book with the front cover read every little bit of what is printed on the front cover then i move on to reading the back cover.... the covers of a book are so interesting, because they generally tell you the story without really doing it! it prepares you for what to expect, so better the cover pages the better the book! the cover photos or the reviews mostly tell you how good the book can be, the high point, they tell you when it is a good time to put the book down get done with all your work, because after that the plot will just thicken and then you cannot escape the book! you have to put everything aside and read through, even if it means to give up being the king of the world! :) this new book i picked up recently called "the word" is mostly about the new testament and a mystery surrounding a few passages! so now i know, once i get to the passage then i have no escape i have to sit and read through, so once I reach a certain point i put the book down do my work and get back at the book, that way i give the book a break! and myself a lil time:)

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