Saturday, November 20, 2010

6790062216 people and yet it takes sooo much time to find the perfect ones

Shalu, Pooh, Pinkya, Kdya, Samkya, Nikhil, Messi Sonam, Ammya, Paro..........6790062216 thts the population of the world in 2010, and yes! We are just one other number, its funny how a lot of them we make an acquaintance with, some stay some leave, some you forget some you never notice, but they are all around you. The people you do meet and the ones that stay in your life are so few, even after there being sooooo many people, how many of us actually find the right friends? may be all of us do at some point, but its mighty difficult to search for those people who accept you with evrything that you are, with all your idiosyncrasies and like them as well.
I have weird people skills, i am rather a good acquaintance, but i need my space and i have found people who take me with all the insecurities and craziness i have. I have always been appalled by how many people we meet and how few actually we really know, i have had the pleasure of knowing a lot of people who have infact made life so different and livable! they have added color and happiness and the idea that i can infact lean back on them when i want to.
i may not be the best of friends but i have the best of them. the math of relationships simply is a complicated mechanism that fails to natural logic and yet we invest in relationships, hoping that someday we will be able to do something for them as they have done for us.
college is one place where i found people who stood by me, and i really am thankful to them, i have met lots of people never a bunch of people who were so great i remain indebted to them for being there.

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  1. Hey its awesome maggie..we all love u alot:*..u r a best fren dear.. u really read between lines which very ppl do. even in rain u can notice my tears.. u r really a true frn.. n I thank God n our college to give me a fren lik u:) u r precious, worth keeping throughout life:*


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