Saturday, August 31, 2013

30 Days. 30 Quotes

In my kind of sort of attempt to fully "live in the present" I am going to do the impossible, I am going to write each day. But since I lack discipline to do that. I decided to write at least 5 sentences that sum up my day. Much like a quote based on the experiences I have each day. This way I aim to accomplish two things a)Get into the habit of writing each day.  b)being very very aware about everything I feel though the day.

Quite often I realise that I am a silent witness to everything that happens around me. I mean, I register things, people, activities but I don't really fully experience it,  because let's face it Living in the moment is soo much more difficult than living in the past. The past in unchangable so it's comforting to idle away hours wondering about the 'what if's'

Now, I read this book about being fiercely aware about the present. Now, that is difficult for me to do. But I will try. I cannot "live in the moment" I'm not programmed to to do that, but lets just try this! :)

I know this is the 31st of August and it does not count, but there are no rules! That's the rule.

"Do no write it off as exaggeration when a book lover tells you that something made her/him cry. Most times, it isn't exaggerated at all. In fact a lot of times, I cried like a baby is an understatement.":)

-Somebody spoke very passionately about the death of their favorite characters, while others shouted that person down about making exaggerated claims. Having been there and having shed those tears on fictional characters I do understand the pain. :)

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