Monday, July 22, 2013

Acceptance -That's life's greatest lesson.

In the short life that I've lived so far -parts of it have been very comfortable and part of it downright depressing, if there is one thing I can take away from the last 20+ years, it's that life goes on. For every good or evil thing that has happened to you, it's only been for you. People share that sentiment, but they move on. That's how life should be. Life really has taught me about a few things. The lessons of kindness, compassion, of hurt, of not getting your "fair share"... Let me not talk too much about what hasn't been given to me rather about what I've learned. Life has been very kind to me in terms of the love I've received. The family I have, the friends I have as a constant reminder that I'm luckier than most people. I know a lot of people who don't have the benefit of knowing  a good person who will make them want to look forward to each day, live with themselves in spite of every embarrassing thing they do.

Life's greatest lesson is not a lesson on how to live, it's on acceptance. I think that's the stuff that life teaches you. You learn to deal with it. You find it in you to somehow wake up and face up to all those demons. You realise your own weakness and strengths and find it in you to smile. Difficult as it may be. Life's greatest lesson is acceptance.

There are a few other lessons I've picked up. Some of them are silly, some are heavy, some are simply for the better understanding of concepts and some just happened.

I've learned over the years that bad people teach you things, they teach you how to deal with situations, that guy who stared at you? that idiot is teaching you to stand up for yourself, I was the meek let me walk away from the situation person, not anymore. I learned that being quiet has never helped. Screaming, that's what comes in handy.Over the years people taught me that it's ok that you meet the wrong kinds of people, it'll tell you more about the right ones.

I've learned that I can be myself and hope that people accept me. Over the last few years, people have accepted me for exactly who I am. The same freaky, wannabe geek. There is no greater pleasure in life than to fully be yourself. In whatever limited capacity to express yourself.

I've learned that it probably going to hurt but it's worth it. Same thing I've been telling myself about that tattoo I've been meaning to get.  Sometimes you need to be vulnerable and open to new ideas and people. That's how you are going to learn.

I've learned that the only way to settle scores is to be the bigger person.

To accept your own flaws is a way to grow. There is no shame in saying "I'm this. I'm bad at doing this thing." People often want to teach you, they are waiting for you to ask. Ask for help, it's probably just what you've been missing.

The last few years have been challenging in more than one ways, from finding my independence to asserting it, barely stay afloat with all these expectations bearing down upon me. It has been challenging and the only thing I learned is that I need to accept that this how I'm going to have to be for the rest of my life. Claiming independence. Asserting it. Sacrificing it. But going back to reclaiming it. Life teaches you to move on. Accept. Grow up and become the bigger person you always thought you were, but aren't.

Each day I wake up and ask myself, if I met me today would I like me? The answer almost every day is 'let's find out'. I don't get up knowing who I want to become... I simply take it as it comes. Somedays I'm sufficiently happy with myself, some others I want to dig a hole in the middle of nowhere I pretty much lay there till hell freezes over. After a night's nap and some thinking. I wake up the next day pretty much asking myself, would I like myself today?


  1. Such simple words no? Things we can probably learn in a bit or say in a few words. But then why so difficult to remember. Why can we never sit down and count our blessings, why always crib? I am always trying to explain people how life can be as tough as you can not imagine it to be. So lets be thankful its not for us.


  2. yes what you have said is in fact very true. it needs character to stand up for you ownself and be yourself even in the face of rejection. i believe accepting oneself without judgement is the hardest path to tread. but those who do are indeed blessed!

    Nice writing! Keep Blogging!


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