Friday, December 18, 2009

It is funny how the more successful people often believe that they have said more than what they have done and the others often feel that they have done a lot and spoken very little!

Confidence is to know what you know! And over confidence is to assume you know! And like its said when you assume -- you make an ASS of U and ME! (ASS-U-ME),

The reason for failure happens to be the fact that we assume to know a lot of things that we really don’t, and surprisingly this gives us a negative confidence! As guilty as I am for being overconfident at times I have always come to realize at the end of the exercise that, what I thought I knew was something I really sucked at! Just because you know “how” something is done does not mean you know it…. There is a lot of difference between knowing how to do thing and knowing “exactly” how to do it!


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