Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shaadis and aunties.

I'm of the age where everything I do is under the scanner. My daily schedule is a matter of great curiosity to everyone. Yes, I'm of the "marriageable age" and everyone my age is getting married. While I love the fact that they are getting engaged or married, I am also worried that  I'm constantly measured along with my married friends and family. "Dekho, she got married". "Such a nice boy, roz mandir bhi jaata hai", and I am here, wondering why adults in my life have  become investigating officers who keep track of our lives.  It's like  "big brother" or should I say "big mother".

All the aunties in my life are suggesting, approving and disproving of my choices. "Arre you are a nice girl, you'll find a nice boy". Yes aunty. I know. I'm very nice. Thanks.  "Par beta, you are very headstrong about certain things, marriage means you have to be flexible." again, thanks aunty. I am sure that marriage is a synonym for adjustment. I love how all the aunties faces light up when I do the "Ha, aunty. Koi ladka toh dekho" because I've learned from my experience that there is no point in arguing with the aunties who constantly suggest the lovely men. "Ya, MNC company mei working. He passed from college in 2004. Now works for some American company. Very good boy, tall also. Father is this, mother is this... well settled also" Please note the MNC-Company reference.

There is no doubt that these aunties are thinking "mere acche ke liye hi" but I feel like reminding them that I'm not the same girl they knew from 10 years ago. I'm not even the same girl I was 5 years ago. But whatever it is, these aunties are fun! They have a very twisted sense of humour and man! I love when that comes out. Any girl who has been a part of a wedding ceremony has not escaped 3 things a)Arre, you're looking so nice. Pakka, You're next" and b) that sense of humour that the otherwise not so fun aunties bring out during weddings. Also, c)Koi ladka dekh liya hai kya?

My answers to the first and last question are a demented smile that don't answer or not answer the question. What I do enjoy is the humour part!  It's totally awesome. The way they will comment, talk, laugh, be snide. Oh! The comments. It's like these women lead a parallel lives at comedy circus. My otherwise sober aunt who is very composed and calm suddenly becomes the life of a wedding. and this is all new to me. I've always known my mother, my aunts and everyone else to be really really calm and not-fun. They were people who made me eat vegetables and drink milk. How can they be fun?  But now,  it's like I've been seeing them all wrong, enter my twenties, sudden transformation. I'm the un-fun one. I'm the boring one who sits in the corner and looks bored.

It's quite funny that my marriage has now become the centre for every discussion. Maggie made aloo ki subzi, oh! Shaadi ki umar. Maggi got up at 6 today, oh shaadi ki ummar.Everything I do is because of my shaadi ki umar. It's like everything I'm doing these days is to somehow make my potential husband happy. I like how selective retention works for the aunties and to my good luck. It is lol worthy that Aunties will not remember that I still hoard comic books or that I'm severely addicted to chocolates and things like that. If anyone does point it out, Phat se someone will say,  shaadi ke baad thik ho jayega. I would just like to tell them that those things are not really some kind of illness and my shaadi is not some magical antidote to my craziness, I'm still going to be the same book hoarding, batman loving, facebook crazy, lost writer, late sleeper, not so early riser I always was. :D


  1. i think it aptly summarizes the amount of pressure our aunties put on us especially unmarried girls in thr "shaadi ki umar"... i wonder why thr is this shaadi ka obsession in thr heads..

    very well written.. hilarious.. though i guess it brings out the hidden pain in you!!

    1. Thank you Parv!:)

      For the review and the generous comment! :D

  2. "I'm still going to be the same book hoarding, batman loving, facebook crazy, lost writer, late sleeper, not so early riser I always was. :D"

    Marry some (oh I can't stereotype thanks to your latest post!) and then see ;)


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