Friday, May 31, 2013

Many questions about the Mannequins

I guffawed at the idea that mannequins somehow lead to the depletion of moral standards among men. Now, I don't always assume the best or worst in people, but this was just weird for me to understand! I agree, I've never been with anyone who has been uncomfortable around skimpily dressed mannequins, I myself have never been uncomfortable around a mannequin. But seriously, I thought about it. If I was from a tiny town with really really conservative thinking and no access to Hindi cinema. I would be uncomfortable. But that is not the case at all, I really have to question the sanity of a person who would be "aroused" by a mannequin. I have some serious questions in this said scenario.

First of all, Why would you be uncomfortable? What is it that makes you uncomfortable? The skimpy clothes? or the mannequin?. As someone who does not like creepy dolls I can see why you are uncomfortable with them. Humanoid, creepy dolls that look like they are watching you? Damn! That's scary, but clearly that's not the problem. The ban is on the "slutty mannequins", Those mannequins I tell you, so cheap they are. They shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets, oh wait but they aren't even people, they aren't provocative. Most of them have more clothes on them than most actresses in Bollywood, I have no problems with clothes, I am just questioning the logic.

Let me tell you that male mannequins are not considered a problem, it's the female ones. So what men aren't sexy enough? women aren't corrupt enough? are you waiting for women to become as corrupt as the men? Why not take preventive measures and ban those cheap male mannequins as well? That way the good women who are put on a pedestal even when they haven't asked for it, can keep their good and pristine side intact? We can yet again become the torch bearers for moral uprightness.

Is the problem that women will be uncomfortable? I *think* pointing that out is bloody uncomfortable, I don't think I can walk past a "skimpily" clad mannequin and not be asked the question "Does this make you uncomfortable?" You know what, that question makes me uncomfortable.  I'm not saying some man or woman will ask me the question, it's still going to be in my head. For so many years I've been hmm clothes for display, now I'm going to be all oh! slutty mannequin. You know what that thought is creepy. A mannequin is a plastic doll and I am judging even that by society standards.

If you think I don't understand my privilege here, you are wrong. I know that I come from a place where a  mannequin is not a sexual object. The people I talk to are not so frustrated and neither am I. So, no. I don't get the "But imagine how embarrassed a woman may be" bit. I'm not wrong to think that it is frustrating to think that we work in such claustrophobic environments, where everything we see has to be passed by a law that analyses every object from a sexual standpoint.I'm not against it per se, I recommend a more level headed approach, how are skimpily clad mannequins manipulating men as opposed to say a Mallkika Sherawat? How is Sunny Leone a hotness symbol but a lifeless doll is a sexual object? What I'm saying is, if mannequins caused rape, the possibility that all your "hot scenes" oh wait, aesthetic nudity is  obviously causing more damage. I'm not moral police, I'm just pointing out the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

The last concluding question is, are you really assuming that men are so out of control that ANYTHING will trigger such violent thoughts and actually make them commit such heinous crimes? I mean isn't that just too cruel, I'm not saying everyone is wonderful and crimes are a figment of our imagination but to assume that an entire gender, literally half of the earth is infested by people who are physically incapable of  controlling themselves is really an over the top statement. Mannequins or not, the fact that we assume men are incapable of controlling themselves is a huge generalization, research has proven that sex is not something that is constantly on the minds of people, but when you point out every single thing that we once considered normal as a trigger for rape, you are really creating that which you thought you could end. You are creating more triggers. Oh my god! A mannequin, this is awkward. Do I look, not look, am I a pervert for looking,?

In a society where we can talk and discuss issues  freely without any kind of social stigma attached to it, that is where we are truly creating a better world. Telling men and women that their bodies are somehow hampering the sanctity of the world we live in, is just all the more claustrophobic. When you place the blame on the victim it is wrong, when you place blame on an entire gender that's wrong as well. Let's not be judgmental, let's be curious, let's want to talk about it.

P.S - Yes, I know every one of my arguments can be used against me. And no I do not agree that a singular logic can be applied to matters of the genders. Yes, mannequins do not trigger violent thoughts or cause discomfort but ad's that objectify women do.

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