Monday, May 27, 2013

Fat!? FAT?!

 I watched as twitter went all kinds of crazy over Akash Ambani. The first thought that came to my mind was this quote

"“Is 'fat' really the worst thing a human being can be? Is 'fat' worse than 'vindictive', 'jealous', 'shallow', 'vain', 'boring' or 'cruel'? Not to me."

― J.K. Rowling 

And really, this isn't how you should be judging people. All kinds of people walk this earth and you know what, it doesnt matter if you think they are beautiful or not. They are. I read a few horrible tweets, some of them were so vindictive and cruel, 

1)" The Ambani feud comes to a conclusive end when Akash Ambani eats Anil."
Mumbai Indians prepare to launch Akash Ambani in response to RCB balloon.
3) You can't trend Akash Ambani .Twitter will get crash .
4) Akash Ambani is so fat that when he sat on his iPhone and it became iPad

You'd think that people would have a little bit of humanity. People, don't try to paint that "He is a rich kid, think of the millions that starve" picture. Don't even try to sell me all that crap with an equally tragic tale. Yes, I'm sad about those million kids who starve, I don't think making fun of Akash Ambani is some kind of karmic justice. I'm not buying that, You are clearly speaking from privilege, you are not obese (Which isn't even what Akash is). But lets go with the Obese , over eating kid logic of yours because your tiny brain cannot process that perhaps some bodily functions do get messed up. I'd like you to have the same sense of humor about your really fat mother. LOL. (See, not funny is it?) 

If I found out that he was fixing matches, I'd be very angry. I'd even say he should probably be in jail.  But right now,  I'd really like to call bullshit on people who make fun of someone's weight, fat or thin. Under or overweight, You have no right, this isn't even a question about rights, this is about having basic sense of humanity. Nobody is telling you to be fat, well if you can somehow be thin, good for you (Or may be not, but since you are an asshole, I wouldn't care too much about your health) That is how angry I am. 

Fat shaming is this collective effort of an entire group of individuals that come from privilege who pick on soft targets to shame that which  is not even in a person's control. To think that someone does not already know that they are fat or thin is to assume that people don't look at themselves and we know this isn't true. You really think people like to be fat? people like to be thin? We'd like to be healthy, we'd like to want to be in our skins without waking up each morning to be taller, thinner, fairer, slimmer. We all want to eat anything and not put on weight just so you can buy the size 28 jeans, or put on weight just so that dress would fit.  But you know our body is not made to our whims, no amount of sit ups, push ups or  bench presses will make our thyroid work better. No amount of medication will make the asthma disappear. Modern medicine comes with its side effects, while one will live a relatively comfortable life, one may not be 'society standard perfect' but may be that's just something you don't get.

Well, I really hope you don't have a kid who has asthma or a thyroid problem, because you sound like the person who would rather their kid stayed thin, so what if he/she suffered in silence? Right? No, trust me, you'd run pillar to post to ensure your kid was at least getting a fighting chance. And it  is nothing to be ashamed of either. But the way you pick on this kid, really begs the question - what are you so angry about? Obviously not just him being fat. If you are angry that he is rich, that he has a posh house he lives in, he gets to meet Sachin or anything like that  trust me, this is probably not his dream. All of it happens because his father is a millionaire, so you being brutal to this kid is not settling your score against his father. (Hell, you aren't in the same league. He could buy you and everything about you with his pocket change). 

So stop; you are not making fun of someones "fatness"; You are making fun of an entire person, he comes with a body, mind and soul. He comes with dreams and aspirations. He comes with his own insecurities, his own understanding of his flaws, his issues. Each morning look at the things you try to make peace with. That strand of grey hair you try to hide, that tummy you try to tuck in after your pants feel tight, how you try to hide all those pimple marks on your face. Well, being fat is not that easy to hide. Stop making other people feel the need to hide themselves. They don't deserve you placing your hate on them. 

Stop the hate! :)


  1. In this world somehow people feel that calling someone fat is funny. That nicknames like Moti, Motu are appreciated by people who actually struggle with the problem every time they look at the mirror or go shopping. These are of course people who have not suffered from the pains in their youth and ironically when they do gain weight after 30 they feel its their right to be overweight as they have matured (only in age not in intellect). These are people whose EQ is lower than that of an insect. I have many words to describe such people, none of which i would like to put in this post.

    1. Hey Sonal! Soo true!! Thanks for the comment! :D

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