Sunday, December 20, 2009

Going back in time!

After about 5 whole years I crossed paths with people who were a part of my life back then!~ and well an important part at that! Initially, I felt it would be a lil awkward because I felt that talking to them after 5 years would be weird! I was crazily excited! but i had my doubts about what i would talk to them about, how people would react to seeing each other.
There were a few people who were a reason for meeting up for a "reunion" because it had been ages i saw them i i wanted to meet them so badly, it was funny that we picked up exactly where we left off... be it the whole gossip or the jokes, i expected most people to be different.... lookswise and personality wise, but they weren't, they were still the old "school friends"... I missed each one of them, but its only fair to accept moving on,-- we all have moved on, but still our memories are fresh like as if everything happened just yesterday, as if we were going to leave and meet up tomorrow in school with our pretty beige uniforms, our hair tied up.... complaining about how life is.... but now i realise that life was awesome back then, we had bad days, (ofcourse we did!)
We have awesome days even now... but School is school!!!! there is nothing to replicate the beauty of being foolishly innocent, irresponsible and happy, of being complacent with our life, not really bothering about making a mark or about anything that matters to us now!

Reliving the past in your imagination is a way to pass time, but to actually to be a part of the old memories come alive infront of you in a new form is simply amazing! to see all those people talk the way they did 5yrs back (exactly like that) was nice! i realised i hadn't changed much either and this feeling was one that left me feeling even better.... I was still the silly, loves to play, hates homework kid somewhere! That 16 year old jumped out and took control of all of us and am i glad it did!

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