Monday, January 28, 2013

How do people deserve to be treated?

I am constantly dealing with this question. How do people deserve to be treated. What do you base your treatment of them on? The years you've known them? The things they did for you in the past? The things they might do for you in the future? The people they were? The people they could become? What really tells you to cling on to these people even when you feel you have been wronged by them?

I have a tough time with friendships, I invest too deeply and am hurt too easily and more often than not, I am constantly questioning how important I am. By important I dont mean "Make me your priority" like some possessive freak. I am asking myself does this friendship mean the same thing to me as it does to the other person. The answer is depressing at times.

After a very long hard look at the relationships I share with some people I have come to understand that what I really need to do is revisit these "friendships" and see them for what they really mean, close acquaintances and friends are different things, friends and close friends are different too. And acquaintances who look like close friends are completely different.

The length of time for which you know people is immaterial, where you met them is insignificant, why you know them; even more so. It doesn't matter. It matters that they matter and you matter to them, I truly believe that some gestures point out exactly how somebody feels and this emotion should be reciprocated to.

Arrogance should be dealt with (a little) more arrogance, if possible. People should know that walking all over you is not a option. People don't get humility, they don't seem to understand that you care.

Love should be dealt with (a little) more love, if possible. Here is someone who care to converse, may not be the best conversation, may not be the closest thing to your best friend, may not even be what you expect but to hell with that! A person capable of telling you mean something deserves to treated like a royalty.

Make the first 100 phone calls, wait for the 101 call. You deserve that call. All of us do.


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