Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I learned after 910 tweets!

Squat. I think my article should really end just there.

Everything about it being an "intellectual" platform was hogwash. It was the same old opinionated crap from your extremists, your egotistic celebrities and their narcissistic rants, PR machinery . It was another social networking platform that is a little more personal by being a little more impersonal. Let us call it what it really is, it is a new socially acceptable way of talking to yourself, a personal diary where you sum up things in less than 140 characters. I followed my favorite celebrities only to realise I shouldn't have. I should have to simply stuck to the movies they acted in, the songs they sang and the jokes they cracked. This intimate getting to know was really annoying.

My first experience was with popular indian journalists. Same old agenda politics, taking sides, pro congress, pro BJP, my new show, please listen to my path breaking news piece, please watch my channel ranting, listen to this guy- he is my friend and really smart, excellent article by my friend. 

My next problem was with the "following". I Follow some people only because I like to keep track of the dumbassery and then joke about it. Random posts that make them sound like the most dedicated individuals, superb writers, intellectual glitterati, basically something important. Also, I hate the word "follow". I have some 45 -50 followers and I am following some 100-115 people all of whom say stuff quite regularly, my point sadly is what do I do with this information? Or are they really tweeting like me?Just to kill some time, talk to themselves.

My next issue was with the incessant ranting, I felt it was quite obsessive(in my case) to say stuff. I am like that, any writing platform and I am on it, too busy writing away. I just need to know from tweeters... What is the point? Why say all that? Why tell a certain celeb that I think his show sucks?   Why tell a certain journalists that comparing India and China was the stupidest thing you had come across? What is the point? Why sit there saying smart stuff about the universe, life, love and everything in it? What would people I don't even know do with it? It not like 100 years from now somebody is going to my stupid twitter handle and say oh! the great Maggie once said "This is stupid, omg i don't blive im sittin n tweetin!"

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  1. Well written or "well vented out" would be more apt ;) .The stuff you said about celebrities and revolutionaries i dont follow much of this group, So can't really say.
    One thing i can express an opinion is about the News,media and journos - the only reason I follow this group is i can get an update of all current affairs/articles in 140 characters which enables me to decide to read further ,or not.


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