Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happiness in things

Here is a list of not so materialistic or (may be) things that can pass of as happiness itself. 

  1. Brewing a perfect cup of coffee with the right amount of sugar and the right amount coffee and just that touch of milk! steaming and in a beautiful mug on a lazy holiday! Ah perfect, happiness doesn't go too far from there. 
  2. Happiness is to cuddle up with your safety toy. All of us as children and some of us as adults have sleeping rituals that are quite complicated to explain, but when you get to carry them out without any hindrance its pretty epic. For me its just a bunch of books by the night stand, I need a book near me, like my safety toy.
  3. Waking up really early in the morning only to realise you have 3 more hours before you actually have to wake up. Anyone who hates their alarms as much as I do, knows the feeling.
  4. Sticking one foot out on a semi cold night and realizing how perfect it feels
  5. Watching your favorite team winning and having your opposition just sit there.! 
  6. Receiving random comments on your writing. Epic
  7. Buying a book because the cover is pretty. We've all done it, haven't we?
  8. Having a burger with double cheese after a bad day and not worrying about putting on weight! 
  9. A perfect High Five ! C'mon Ofcourse all of us love it. That perfect moment when both of you feel the need and it gets delivered accordingly. Also you know what is better than a High Five? beating someone at arm-wrestling!! 
  10. Coming up with a smart ass comment to shut the bully up. You could get beaten up the next day, but for the day you have won.
  11. Listening to a song because it reminds you of a better time. Wait, that just makes it sucky. No cancel that song stuff. Make that -listening to a sad song and realizing you are not sad anymore and that song is only a song. 
  12.  Opening a book and sniffing the pages after they have just been delivered or unwrapped. This is the Epic-est.
  13. Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
  14. Watching the funniest episode of a sitcom.
  15.  Finding out that your internet connection has become faster and cheaper! -come on greatest joy of them all! 

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