Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We don't expect the government to do anything...

I've been experiencing writers block for sometime, its like a brain freeze of some sort. I am somebody who writes about things that I feel, they aren't news stories or  analysis. I write from the heart and right now I have been occupied with the thoughts of the girl battling for her life in Delhi. I am occupied with how people whose stories don;t get told must feel each day. I am occupied with how all of us had to go back to work, look exactly like we did yesterday and do our jobs. Yes, our minds were dedicated to thinking about this girl and all the other girls who face this torture on a daily basis.

My mind is occupied by the unfairness of this situation. Innocent people who suffered, the victims, the protesters all of who want justice, this cry for justice falls on deaf ears.  Our politicians need to understand that we actually expect very little of them. We've taken them with a lot of their short comings, be it corruption, communal thinking, literally looting our country, making bad decisions, slow work, family politics and everything. We make our peace with bad roads and electricity, we are not too proud of how education works, we are not thrilled about public transport, but hell! This is just unfair that the government takes us for granted, its people are treated like scum when they demand that their basic needs like safety be met. We are not asking them to legalise weed. We are asking them to make our cities safe, get better legislation. Isn't the idea of a democracy the active participation of the people?  Why in the world should ANY government over react to this? Shutting down metro stations? asking cops to use force, water cannons, tear gas? 

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  1. Well written. A suggestion: read about Soni Sori.


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