Thursday, November 8, 2012

My version of heaven!

Yes! While I am not exactly a believer of Heaven and Hell. I have however come to understand that there has to be a better place than this and we have to go there. It is my last hope. For putting up with the shit we do, for suffering each day, it is like being punished, so I believe that THIS is Hell and so as a consequence we will go to a better place. Pure hell does not have to be hot and fiery, the earth is a good enough place to be called hell, with the kind of life we lead, the people we deal with that all that. It is actually hilarious that people expect a worse place. But yes! We are free to imagine a better place.

So Dear Whoever Controls Heaven,

On the off chance that I get there (I am not immortal) I would like to present a version of heaven I like. No bright lights please. Absolutely no harps, dancers or music. You see I have an innate fear choreographed performances and loud music. Also, I am clearly influenced by the TV version of Heaven. Blame the upbringing, God! Also with reference to the music, the music will be genre based music. It would be really weird to hate the music in Heaven! There is no other place to go after that. Is there?

Other than that Dear Heaven controller type person must know that my version of the heaven is a little cold, I mean not freezing, but you know just like winters here. I wish there is a huge cackling fire and an eternal fountain of Chocolate and coffee. Please let the coffee be  bitter and the chocolate dark!

I love the idea of Utopia and what version of my heaven is complete without ladders? Ofcourse I will need ladders because there will be millions of books and eternity to read them! *You did not see that coming?*  My idea of heaven is a little skewed but you get it, no? But WTH! (Heaven)  No bright lights, just warm yellows, dingy, dusty even.and mostly quiet.

My inspiration for the post

I am given to understand that people in heaven wear all whites, but please can I come in my pajamas? Or jeans or shorts? Eternity in whites just sounds difficult. I will wear the same jeans forever. So my clothes and books are covered and so is my food. Since I can't die again i would like to get some junk food? Okay, I am being a little materialistic here... but but... You know how this is the "Happiest place"

I get that there are concerns about being indoors all the time, so can I please get me a beach? Lots of sunlight, no rains? also no rain forests for me. I can make peace with the no beaches. I would like for it rain indoors. And when it rains, I would like if there was a scrabble club of some sort. It would be amazing!

Finally it will have to have internet! super fast internet!! :)

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