Wednesday, November 7, 2012

But But... we ARE the real normal!

You know how the world judges you. calls you names, right from 'suchha geek' to 'what a whore' I really want to tell these people, we are normal. We absolutely are. Talk to us about something and you will know. Ofcourse we indulge in different things, but so do you. Stop judging my fellow 'weirdos' and accept them. When you criticize us for over doing our love for things YOU think are important. You, my friend are making it very difficult for us to love you. 

Let me speak for myself, I am not a child, yes! I look like a child when I am drooling over comics and may be I get a bit carried away from time to time, may be I don't act my age, may be you find it difficult to have a decent conversation with me without me being distracted. Do you realise that what you are trying to tell me holds no interest to me. If you keep convincing me that I am stupid for thinking I can be 50 and be childlike, let me inform you that I was raised by my childlike parents who read comics with me. Only YOU see a problem with it. I have from time to time taken up responsibility for my life and I continue to do so. But stop telling me I cannot be interested in comics because I am "grown" up. Please. I am going to buy comics and no! I am not going to read "intelligent" books on whatever you think. No economics does not interest me. No, I dont think about life, often I am not realistic about what I want. *being realistic is strenuous and depressing*

Us, the people who indulge in books, we who buy make up, we who buy toys, people who enjoy admiring Legos,we who buy weird jewellery, we who buy cartoon print T shirts, buy funny posters, buy action figures, people who scream in public, we who hold hands, we who hug when we meet people (Not the crap hug, the hug where we really mean it and we wont let go) why is it weird? Why cant you just think of it as normal. 

So yes you, having made my/our case I have some serious issues with you. I know you secretly want to be like us. I am not even remotely well read, not great at writing, I can't have conversations about a lot of things but the things I get interested in them I am truly willing to commit to it. I will read up about it. I am not getting judgmental  but when you throw around "facts" it hurts me deeply. What you call facts are really the makings of your own mind, the standard you set for me. "Don't wear this, you look silly." For everything that is important to you, can you please stop it? Yes, my obsessions are okay. I don't dress like a style diva and I am fine with it. I am not comparing myself to anyone and neither should you. 

Yes! Please tell us what you think is normal. Because it is difficult to live upto your expectation.
When you tell me I/we am/are not normal. You know how messed up it is? we are what normal people should be like. Being non judgmental, having dreams taller than the tallest building, dreams so unreal that they are scary, I am sorry but don't you wish you loved something so passionately? This is probably from the 2 slabs of Chocolate I just ate, but don't you miss being completely free? Why don't you indulge? Why have you set standards for yourself that even YOU detest. You sometimes OPENLY wish that life was like the old times where you could do whatever. Let me tell you, YOU CAN! If only you stop pretending that there is a certain reputation you have to guard, a certain impression you have to leave. You live with so many artificial inhibitions as if the real ones aren't enough?

Please be all that you want to be, buy all that you want to buy and stop telling me that there are standards, There is acceptable behavior  that there is something beyond yourself, stop it with the society crap. I really don't care. it really doesn't matter. It shouldn't. I am not wanting to "fit in" to this. The kind of crowd I want to fit in with is the really crazy smart people. The non judgmental type, I have met a few people, people who are anything but 'normal' by society standards and you know what these are the most normal people I have met. They go about their business, they hardly mess around with people, they have zero 'standards' to talk to people, they are all accepting, they are passionate about their work, about their passions, about the causes they align with. If they have an opinion they will convince you, they will try to atleast. 

Yes! I believe I am not insane or weird or crazy. I took a long hard look at myself and you know what, I am just as normal as you. I look very weird because I compare myself with you and I think if I am doing something you are not, I am the weird one. But sadly, as much as I'd like to be called "different" or "weird" (Cuz, you know thats sooo cooooool *sarcasm*) I am normal. YOU have nothing you are crazy about, you don't even believe in a sugar high, you think me wearing cartoon shirts is not like 'other girls' , you think it is stupid to play with lion king jigsaws and you think I am clinging on to my childhood because you saw me reading "Science for children" "Fun with Light" and "Blood" and "Magic".  Excuse me, in what universe am I not normal? I am slow in some but definitely normal!

PS: By current society standards I am not normal! 


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