Friday, June 11, 2010

how we like to cling on to the past!

well i still don't want to banter around and say i know things! but lately i've been having a lot of thoughts tht are partly inspired by books but mostly by people around me. its weird to see how we like to cling on to anything that lets us cling on to the past, where we know that its all going to change and yet we create evidences of a beautiful past.

By evidence i mean trophies tht represent the past, we create memories and we live them every single day. we want nothing to change i mean its only human to feel that way, yet our mind tells us better that things are going to change and you might as well make the most of it. and we indulge into a series of events that we feel will ensure that connection with the past.

i still want to be with my friends, want to walk into the same place for the rest of my life and expect that the same ppl will turn up..... i still feel like getting soaking wet in the rain with my frends... enjoy a few cups of tea laugh of all the troubles and mostly forget that with each passing day things are changing.... a lil at a tym but one day the change will look massive...

its funny how we all grow up, yet we love things about our childhood, how we grow up lose few friends gain new ones... yet never forget the old ones. how we have few friends who we know are going to walk out and yet we scamper around to make memories with them.
we never want people to go... we want them to stick around for the rest of our life, and yet somewhere deep within we come to terms with the rule of separation where

We walk out, people walk in.... never really to replace anyone... never really to fill anyone's shoes, just to be another beautiful part of life. again imprinting themselves in our minds creating impression that we will cling on too till our better sense tells us to let it go, and be glad to have known people like them.

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  1. yea... memories....!!! nice write up... i enjoyed reading it....


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