Sunday, June 13, 2010

the many layers

My next Musing over coffee has to do with friendships, (lately this is all i can think of) i have the best friends and yet i find it ok to have secrets, sometimes without feeling the need to let people know..... it does not mean i distrust them, it means its not important...... friendships are weird, you can be best friends without having so much more than a hint of what someone has been up to, i have been in a place where my friends don't care about what happened, what should have and what can.... does this define friendship? or is the know -all friendship? does the expression *its - ok" define friendship?

i was thinking of the perfect moment, is there a moment or a real "expression" of friendship? i mean with all the mixed emotions that we humans have, is there one clear expression that says friendship like no other? i remember laughing with my friends over all the silliness, and yet, i can't say thats a perfect expression, its a lasting one, but not the real thing, so is crying...i mean to say that is crying with each other or for one another the "real" expression?

well moving on, friendships happen often with people very unlike us and so we cannot find one definite expression, so we use a series of actions that make you feel like friends, like say saying the similar kind of thing, doing the similar kind of thing, enjoying the same kind of silence.....

and sometimes you realise you don't enjoy the same things you are not the same people anymore, you have lost that similar charm.... you are friends but you are not the friends you were, or you have not grown beyond it..... and its ok! there lies the beauty, friendships stay stagnant or they grow, they never expire. a few instances take you back to how good friendships are and how you have been friends and are friends and will be friends but not in the same way

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