Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How do we end up being the people we bcum...

This is absolutely out of my genre of writing.... but i was just wondering how we end up being the "individual" we are... i mean yes.. we change almost on a daily basis, for some reason or the other. sometime we are angry and just to get back at a person we make ourselves something, and we start like tht personality, sometimes we just feel happy.. we like tht feeling and become like tht.... sometimes we are simply impressed with something someone does and we become like tht... i mean we try to capture the essence of the person by sometimes mimicking them, or sometimes by trying to become like that. and eventually adjust that personality to become a different person all together. isnt it?

yes! i think so (its my theory so obviously).. i mean i remember mimicking my older sisters and how they used to behave, trying to become like some character in a book/movie, to bring that personality into myself, i was influenced majorly by friends family and almost everything i saw around me. i wanted to be like the geeky kid who finishes everything before the teacher asks for it.... but i changed that according to my whims and became the kid who does only the things she liked (the rest i procrastinate)...
so i eliminated the geeky bit to suit myself.

moving on to how we are so supremely influenced by people we know, i feel that since its just natural that they have seen something like this happen around them and included it in their personality. we adapted it from them and somebody else is picking it up from us! weird huh. how we are making a difference to each other and passing down traits :) i find it weird! so in a way we are constantly making changes to ourselves and somewhere someone finds it as something they'll want to do .. i think its flattering! i mean from all the people i have seen and picked up traits for myself, like say a funny stage person, or a really lively person. i am not sure who i picked that up from, but im pretty sure that i kind of got it tailored to fit me. and i feel happy about it!

i have picked up like a million words from books (swears)... most of my sarcasm is from characters in sitcoms, some of the things like reading obsessively (well its my own thing).... i met someone who just read, and i got it to suit myself, now i changed it to *obsessive* reading.... it became my trait.... so it happens with everyone... we pick up from various people, and then we change according to it and bang! we sometimes become better than them!

And here is the best part
is "the world is like a huge menu of the various things you can be, you have to put together a customized list of all that you wanna be and then become all of it!"


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