Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I read Gossip girl!

ok! I finished 2 books of the Gossip Girl series. the first one being Gossip girl and the second being 'you know you love me! cheesy titles... 'these books by Cecily Von Ziegesar, there are about 9 of them in the series, book stars an anonymous Gossip girl who ends her posts with "you know you love me",! she write /gossips about the lives of the rich and famous kids who are all about the looks! these kids have it all... great houses... good schooling (the girls in Constance and boys in St judes) and really filthy rich parents who are just as crazy bout the looks as their kids, these parents have just one expectation from their kids..... "to maintain an image" the kids can do anything the wish as long as they keep an image! and well the kids do....the kids that GG talks are Blair the plump pretty girl, Serena the totally good looking girl! also Blair's BFF. Nate (we're not sure what to call him!) and many characters... they flock branded stores. get spa treatments and everything else that money can let you buy!....

Cecily captures the idea of the 'dark lives of the rich and famous' well, the word is not beautifully....all i can say is she captures the essence of Gossiping! (lol) and how your secrets are never hidden.... i mean no matter what you do! they are out there..

Every place is the same, everybody want to 'talk' sometimes about themselves, sometimes about others the point is that we all indulge in Gossip either under the name of INFORMATION, or sometimes just as GOSSIP.... well.. why are we so interested in other peoples lives? one of the mysteries of the human mind?! i think so. Why is it so essential we know the juicy scandals people we know, got into(or sometimes they dint)... i mean im not saying its not fun... but it makes me wonder what is so good about listening to someones elses stories!? and specially when you have absolutely nothing to do with it.. like say a deepika ranbir thingy... i mean thats like the epitome of being 'lame' 'jobless' 'absolutely shallow' i mean... God!

Speaking of absolutely shallow, gossiping about people you know, is not deep either. i think it would be so much better not bother about who is doing what. If they are or are not doing something. its not your business! (neither mine) ....

GOSSIP IS SHALLOW! and people that say they dont gossip are hypocrites!.... yes! at some point or the other at some sub conscious level you pass on information that is not entirely true... either it has been passed down by an uncanny informer or by just you who have passed on information to suit yourself (thats a subconscious adjustment.... pretty cool huh!)
so the conclusion is well

  • hate gossip,
  • try not to indulge in gossip
  • well its pretty lame
  • don't get judgmental bout people you know
  • don't get judgmental bout people u dont know (u have no right to)
  • if you do get into trouble cuz of your big mouth. see that you have damage control! to get you and the other person out of the mess YOU caused!

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