Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The new breed ofcriminals

Here is a lil something about college goers who are opting out simpler ways to get through the very taxing examinations, why then are we choosing this path? Very simple its easy, involves less hard work and the results are very gratifying, literally.
What do I mean by words like the path, simpler means and other resembling words I am talking of the COPYING mania that grows on students during exams. Agreed that colleges take care that students are not into such activities, students always seem to outsmart them by the newest means of copying. It was the cell phone age when our very own Munna Bhai introduced us to communication taken to a different level. Students opted for it taking it to newer heights, SMSes flooding inboxes of cell phones with the right answers, to Bluetooth transfers minutes before exams. The cover up of the crime almost perfect the crime weapon well hidden in the deep pocket, face calm, confidence sparkling through and above all , the attitude of utmost belief that nothing will go wrong and that the plan is flawless!
There is another breed of petty liars who not only study hard, burn the night’s oil, but still end up indulging in it; this is queerer than the above stated one.
The problem here is either the drive to not be wrong or the lack of confidence that the exam can be nailed, or both. I have seen it for almost two years now each year my friends not only find a new way to copy they even go to the extent of making sure they have the right equipment to do the same, hours of studying is insufficient when compared to the months of work gone into testing us by internals, the final paper setting which are a tedious process. This brings us to a really important aspect why are they doing it? Is it the sheer lack of interest to want to learn it? Or is it the stress of the exams that is pushing us to the brink of becoming liars?
How does three hours determine a life times worth learning? (Since that is what education is supposed to do, give us knowledge that will help us become better individuals) so are exams wrong? Or is there a need for creative exams that see the knowledge and not mere reproduction of matter that is spoon fed over a span of 6 months, practical examinations do not eliminate malpractices but are an assessment of a student in terms of understanding…. To quote a example I still have no idea why economics is a part of the curriculum of students who swear by the subject of not studying it, there are individuals like me who were plain lucky to pass the exam but this privilege is not what everybody gets, two minutes into studying the concept of free markets the demand structure and demand curves I am absolutely blank as to what the concept is….and where the demand shifts to where! Even people who did manage to top the subject were plain lucky like me to either have had divine intervention and written few interesting lines or had great evaluators! I do not disagree to the fact that we need evaluation systems to know how much we know, but has it remained that? Has it just remained evaluation? Or grown like a crazy obsession amongst students and parents for their child to top every exam he writes, sometimes students get bored of writing exams. I understand fear, tension, anxiety to finish the exam but boredom? That just explains why students pour out of the exam hall 2 hours after the exams, attempt 2 answers out of 5 even when they know them! As a matter of fact its two cases either they are tired of the badgering to study, or they simply don’t know it, the latter being less possible since most of them would have outlined the aspects of the solution, most of us don’t take such risks in exams you never know who might be reaching for your marks card! But there are the fearless ones (not that we are cowards) they have a courage of a different kind of just taking chits, phones, even notes, so their over all aggregate never seems to drop. This adventure never seems to come to an end its like Alice in Wonderland, its full of possibilities, absolutely brilliant techniques to make sure the liar goes unscathed on every occasion. Semester after semester, what grows in me is not disgust that something so ridiculous is happening, it is awe, a) I seem to be immune to the whole thing. B) I find this rather amusing, how easy it is for anybody out there to fool the insiders of the education system, who seem to know so much of so little, and so little of so much!!
Are other students ever going to give out the little secret to people who seem to care about it? For as long as there are examinations and students who fear them, there is no chance of coaxing the secret out of their friends! It is considered immoral to give up on your friends even in adverse situations.


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