Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A crow was sitting on a tree, high up doing nothing. A rabbit passing by saw it and asked the crow if it could join the crow. The crow replied “yes, why not?”. The rabbit sat on the ground doing nothing. A fox saw it and ate it…

Moral 1

If you want to do nothing & stay safe, stay very very high up!


A turkey asked a bull how it was so strong and wished it was as strong as the bull so it could climb a tree..

The bull said “eat my shit, it is full of proteins and will give you energy”

It worked like magic; soon the turkey was on the first branch, in four days time the turkey was on the highest branch of the tree. A farmer saw it and shot it down... The turkey died a sorry death.

Moral 2 “ bullshit might take you high up, but it wont keep you there”


One day a small bird was flying in the winter, it was awfully cold the bird soon became unconscious and fell in the snow. Just then a cow passing by unaware of the bird’s presence dropped its shit on the bird, the warmth thawed the bird, the elated bird started merry making, and singing and a cat heard the voice, dug the bird out and ate it.

Moral 3

· “Anyone who throws shit at you is not your enemy!”

· “Anyone who digs you out of it is not your friend”

· “When in deep shit keep your mouth shut!”

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