Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my new section this month : self help or feel good?

every now and then i pick up self help books (by the ton) and find each one of them intriguing and different, some tell you to focus inside, others tell you to channelize your inner potential outside, most of these self help books make me feel goood!, i take a days to finish it, and in the end i feel like a better person, speaking for myself i think Self help books are for those people who know what they want, who are very focused and very sure, but then why do u need a self help book? steps to success one book said, other said "goal list" the third said "fears i conquered".... this is just very theoretical i mean i read these books and never one have i done anything purely because the book says so! its unreal... because i do not want to do it!

self help books i dont say are trash, they are good books to read but with the passage of time you stop realizing when you changed back to your old lifestyle, its like eat healthy, one day u go out to lunch, and boy! tht diet is down the drain..... for the next god knows how many months! self help is feel good, if u do something from the book youu feel good, not realising even at a subconscious level that what this really is a short momentary joy of doing good! but if you want to stick to it then boy! develop a regime for yourself, one that suits you, one that makes you feel good about yourself, sstay really loyal to it! and then may be there will be a ounce of change, but if you hoard up books (like me) your not getting help, your getting good books and sky high prices with really good literature! :)

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