Thursday, March 4, 2010

Indian authors! - my recent reads

the new age indian authors (clan) are sure sure stepping on the "cultural bandwagon"... everything about their books is to describe the mentality of the indian folk... some reason they are also doing a good job at it! speaking strictly for the books i read in the past few months they have mostly been bout teenagers and their insanely complicated love lives.... whats interesting to read is the character portrayal, i read "oh shit! not again" and i was actually saying "oh shit!".... such a loosely knit storyline! im surprised that i made it through the book. on the other hand "right fit wrong shoe" was interesting read a little bit of detailing... a lil girl boy love life... a tinge of humor... both the books the authors do not divulge in the details of the characters, for instance girl in "oh shit!" is the perfect girl.. (the guy is a perv) flawless skin... talks well carries herself well... no flaws at all! she is the dream woman who falls for the loser boy! i mean get real... there has to be some flaw..... she is the perfect indian female.... and yes! whats with the filmy????? OMG!! gimme a break... so much of lame drama would put a certain hindi director of the yesteryear to shame!...
over all :

Oh shit! not again : bad... below average
right fit wrong shoe :ok-ok

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