Tuesday, December 29, 2009

for that overgrown kid!

This is a fact! you can read a Harry Potter in a day, but you can never finish a Asterix in one sitting! as i grab a 'asterix' -the comic i thoroughly enjoy, for the simple reason that the presentation of characters, of the citizens of the little Gaulish village surrounded by roman camps! and how these gauls with their magic portion ward off any trouble from their neighbors! the hilarious expressions on each of the characters who are so unpredictable!, i still burst out laughing when i see Obliex (one of the lead character) throw out the fishing net, I love using references from the comics during a conversation. How anybody who knows Asterix will laugh almost instantaneously amazes me. i love the sacrcasm, the pure dumbness of certain characters! i love how all of them in the little Gaulish village have problems they sort out over a friendly fight! and how can i forget the names of the characters, they are derived from english words yet sound so gaulish like say the cheif of the village - Vitalstatistix or simply
vital-statistics :) or the village druid getafix or -Get a fix!!! :) i just love the comics or the comix!! and also the end of the adventure banquet!

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