Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Drop Dead Amazing. #DailyChatter #Day4

I know I know. I messed up. I haven't written yesterday, but that's because I was sick and slept before I realised the day was actually over. Anyway, moving on to today's post. I take recos for shows I must watch, so if you think there is an amazing show I must see, please tell me. I'll buy you a coffee if I love the show or even otherwise.

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The show I'm currently obsessed with is called 'Drop Dead Diva' a TV show about a model who dies in an accident and by some twist in fate ends up on earth in a lawyers body. Okay, I know what you're thinking, whats so great. There isn't. That's the beauty. If you're one of those people who love Legally Blonde, then you will like this show. Sorority girl meets law school.

Jane's law firm Harisson Parker is the hotbed for fun cases and yes, Jane wins some loses some, but they work out to her advantage. Here's what makes Drop Dead Diva different from legally blonde. Jane is a size 16 and for the model who is in her body, the whole experience is new and different. The only people who know Jane's secret are her best friend and a guardian angel.

I know I am one of those people who judges if I like a show based on female friendships. I love a show that shows women as a nice, non annoying bunch.  Jane's best friend is Stacy and Stacy adores Jane. She knows Jane's life and often offers insight in to the cases that Jane deals with. I am so happy that even though the show is otherwise regular the makes have spent some time researching and coming up with stories that are a little unconventional. The women in the show are shown as confident even when the world around them is obsessed with being thin. The secretary, the competition, the mom, the judge/friend are all recurring characters who offer a great amount of wit. I love how the show does not shy way from fun yet strong and powerful women, even women with a dark side. Because, you must admit, women commit crimes too.

I was introduced to this show by my best friend and I really have grown fond of it over the past few weeks. 

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  1. Maggie -- reading you makes me realise how somehow i tend to like shows that have friendships at the core. Grey's anatomy or SATC - so different yet the core theme is actually friends right? diverse but those who genuinely care.
    hmm.. are you sure you arent a pyscho analyst? some one should hire you to test TV show pilots baby!!


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