Sunday, October 2, 2016

#Day 2: When you need to see, not say. #DailyChatter #UBC

I am a fan of metaphors and subtlety. And recently, I watched a very nicely made movie, PINK. I know, Pink is sort of old news, but the film has stayed with me. REALLY STAYED with me. I keep going over the microscopic details of the film in my mind. Why am I writing about PINK? Well, I am taking up the Ultimate Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter and I have decided on writing about TV shows and Movies that I love (or hate) but mostly love. 
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PINK is a scary story, seriously, nothing about the film is remotely funny or humorous, even when the girls are laughing for a brief moment, you know there is no happiness in it. What I really liked about the film is the various subtle messages and nuanced acting by the 3 protagonists and Amitabh Bachchan. You know their names, or do you just remember Amitabh? But if AB overshadows the girls and why cast him and a million other questions are for another time. Simple answer :Star power sells, AB is a star. 

I'd like to revisit the 10's of beautiful things the films showed without saying. When Minal Arora and her friends are getting home, you see them sitting together, she yells at the driver for falling asleep and moves to the front of the car, on the other hand the boys are sitting there worrying about their issue at hand 'police case toh nahi hoga na', one of them says. You get a peek into Minal's mind, she does not think of herself in the wrong, she's powerful and exerts that power, the very next day she goes out running; another subtle way of showing her defiance. She will not stay cooped up in her flat.

Falak is the good girl who thinks they screwed up and she needs to fix it. The adult among the 3, often spotted staying late nights, cleaning up Minal, comforting Andrea, running from one cop to another, all this without much support.  Make no mistake, this film is dotted with beautiful instances of female friendships. From supportive bosses to friends and acquaintances but the friendship between the 3 is just easy and real.  

The whole film has a smoggy, dense cloudy feel. It'll make anyone claustrophobic, the pale yellow lights and the shadows that lurk in them add a hint of fear. Amitabh with his mask gives you the impression of a super hero is disguise, showing up, just when need be. 

One scene that stayed with me is the scene when Minal is arrested, that is just stuck in my mind. As she run out the door, she grabs her shirt. Man! She's just trying to cover herself up and in doing so also showcasing how much burden women carry when it comes to 'covering up'. 

The neighbours, the gaze and the general discomfort from being watched is portrayed with such depth. There is a certain perverse glance that you can just sense, through the film you know you are being watched and there is nothing you can do other than confront. 

Lastly, the most powerful scene with some great dialogue delivery by AB on consent, he finishes his speech by saying that there is nothing you can do when someone says no, including your wife. Leaving us to conclude that inspite loving his wife as much as he did,  he let her go. She said no more medicine and he obliged. What a scene.  


  1. I loved the film #PINK and I loved reading your thoughts on this...

  2. Indeed PINK is a brilliant film and scary too as there are many people like the goons but very less like AB in real life. So means lot of people getting defamed.

  3. Maggie , I have an unfinished draft about the movie lying around titled - pink is the new black. I found the movie really dark perhaps just like you. There are many scenes that are much talked about but one scene hit me really hard when it came to representing an entire generation of insensitive men that exists around us.
    Falak is seeing someone .. An educated profession , single parent to a teenage girl am assuming . As she's cooking in his kitchen trying to talk to him he says ' I can be liberal or truthful' that was a slap in the face . She furthers tells him -- she just wants to be held and he walks off !

    Emotionally unavailable and male privilege - two extremes in one classy movie .

    As always your thoughts resonate so much with mine and am so happy that you've taken daily blogging up :)

  4. PINK is one of the most brilliant movies that came in recent years and it's the film that must be watched this year. AB was sensational and the girls matched him at every step. We need such kind of movies.


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