Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lets Netflix and make some noise

When you are alone, the one thing you want the most is people. I am not exactly a people person. Reaching out to people because I am bored or tired of being by myself is almost unheard of. But being from India means, never really having to be on the lookout for people , its an endless struggle to avoid them. 

Erie is different in this aspect, I would often find myself wanting noise. No traffic, no people, no vegetable sellers, no constant chitter chatter or the neighbours and no cackle of children. A fine example of how quiet my home really was is the fact that I could hear my neighbour's cupboard. Every time they opened their cupboards, I could hear the rattling. After about few days of this "Erie silence" i decided to deal with it the only way i knew how, by playing really loud music and watching comedy shows and movies from the 90's. I cannot tell you how easily you can feel at home after you hear Hindi and English from shows like Small wonder, Aladdin, Different strokes and Dekh Bhai Dekh. I swear I owe Jaya Bachchan like no other. 

A few months later, I even got Netflix. I don't think I've missed a single show on Netflix. If nothing else, I watched/listened to glimpses of pretty much everything. So many varieties of shows, so much humour and yet, i was drawn to my familiar territory of sitcoms. Scrubs, FRIENDS, Everybody Loves Raymond and a few others. I realised what I was missing, it was so much noise as it was familiarity. I know I sound like someone who was homesick beyond explanation, I wasn't. I was enjoying this. I was loving exploring my personality through many many things. 

I have over the last few months gone back to my usual self, I am more aware of the people I am around. I pay more attention to the things around me. i enjoy the noise, if you can believe it. As someone who couldn't ever function with the slightest of sounds, I am now typing this post in a train. The noise just adds character. Nothing else. 

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  1. Ahh yes, I can so relate with this. I live right in the city and I'm so used to the noise that I find it soothing sometimes. Besides, I have such a great time when I get to be on my own too.
    In fact, I've written something about it…here's the link if interested.


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