Friday, April 15, 2016

Magical, Mystical, Majestic, Marvellous

Words fall short when I try to describe the Niagara falls. When we decided to drive to Niagara, it was a very simple decision because no trip is complete without a few must sees, like the Grand Canyon or this one. I was super excited because this was a trip that I was taking with my sister in law, her best friend and my husband. After months of planning this trip was finally shaping up exactly like we wanted it to be.

Just a 3 hour drive from home, the majestic Niagara falls is a long standing monument in nature's display. High, mighty and too fierce to conquer, you can only stand in front on it and reanalyse how insignificant and inconsequential you are. One gust of wind and you'd fall a heavy shower of water and you would be drenched. They gave us plastic raincoats but I have a feeling the water falls just stands there at laughs at our feeble attempts to protecting ourselves. I wish I could get the words 'Maid of mist or cave of winds' tattooed on my arm!

This would also be the perfect opportunity to tell you that I could only see the falls from the US side as opposed to US citizens or Canada visa holders who could take a small drive and end up on the other side and view the falls. As I stood there on the viewing deck my attention was wavering between looking at the falls and looking at the tiny people and the country on the other. Here I was, same as their species and yet I needed a piece of paper to validate my entry somewhere else ( I am not complaining, it is very very important for countries to have visa laws). Even when I came back to India I had to be accepted by my own country, I had a blue book that essentially made all my actions like seeing the world that we all belong, possible. 

I must shamefully agree I haven't been to any of India's borders, minus Kanyakumari but since it doesn't fall in the purview of the discussion let's keep it out. I've never seen another country up close and this was new for me, especially since Canada and the US are such friendly neighbours, it was refreshing.

After spending the entire day being soaked, we headed to a lovely place called 'Zaika' very close to the falls, oh man! Indian food, some of the best I've ever had. I know i sound very pretentious if i said it was the best Indian food ever, but at that moment it felt like that. The familiar masalas, the rotis, fragrant rice, the kadhi and everything that went with it. Oh. Sheer delight! I will always remember we were starving and the nice lady to showed us to our table spoke to us, recommended food that we should try, the nice American lady who was making an attempt at keeping up with all the names and the spices. A heart warming and delightful experince indeed. We promised her we would be back and we kept our promise by going back again. 


  1. It must have been a magical experience to have your soul drenched in such profound thoughts while raincoats struggled to keep the spray of the falls away from you.
    Indian food outside India can make us nostalgic in such tasty ways :)

    @theerailivedin from The Era I Lived In

  2. The Niagara falls! I've seen pictures of it, and now that you've written about this majestic beauty, I can almost imagine it before my eyes! But it sure wouldn't beat the experience of being there, in front of the strong waterfall!

    Relishing good Indian food away from India is a rarity, and a blessing to the starved soul. Right? :)


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