Saturday, April 26, 2014

What?! Did someone call you weird?

Weird. That's became a part of my identity for the longest time I can recall. She's weird. She has weird friends. She likes being weird. I don;t know when but weird also became the 'cool thing'. Although, I don't remember being cool. But then this quote keeps coming back to me "Normal is an illusion, what is normal to a spider is chaos to a fly". The same logic applies to being weird. I don't think anyone is weird. I don't think anyone is weird. I think years of conditioning has led us to believe that certain kinds of people need to change/improve or should just cease to exist.

I wrote this post about how we're all essentially normal. But I think being called 'weird' has its perks. Also remember that everyone is 'weird' which essentially makes everyone 'normal'.

  1. Being weird means you can pull off exactly what you wanted in front of everyone who calls you weird because they won't question your weirdness. Anyone who doesn't think you're weird, is pretty okay with what you've done.
  2. Being weird means to be able to invest in yourself. You can quite proudly claim that you are yourself. If you're going to comply with everything everyone you know said, you'll never be happy. I was told yellow was not my colour, I for the longest time believed that I shouldn't be wearing yellow.  But once I got my hands on the weird card, I pulled stunts that you'd never expect of me. I wore the weirdest clothes, I read the weird books (although I've no idea what that means), met the weirdest people (best decision of my life). 
  3. Being weird is your license to explore: Nobody around you is expecting you to be any different. When I walked into this fancy place in my pajamas I remember the looks I got, but not from my best friend. She doesn't care. I didn't have to care about people.
  4. Being weird is a litmus test to people: If people can't accept you with your flaws and eccentricities really brings to the question, are they really worth having in our lives? If your eccentricity makes them uncomfortable, really why are they even our friends?
  5. Being called 'weird' is a sign to run for your life and finding someone who thinks you are normal. You need to be told you are a perfectly normal, fit to live in world human. It means you need better friends and a better social circle. Really if you're being called weird for not smoking, you need more non smoker friends, if you're being called 'non fashionable' you need friends who think its okay. If you're being called weird for wanting to openly discuss certain things, you need to get away find people who think it is okay to talk about uncomfortable issues. You need to bounce of even the creepiest ideas off people. It's important.


  1. I've been called weird a lot and I'm sure more people have thought it. But I don't mind. I don't think being weird is bad, and it definitely does have its perks. ;)

    I loved and agreed with every single one of your points. Keep on being weird! :D

  2. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter Thompson

  3. Weird=UNIQUE. That's what I think! And writers get to be weird. In fact, I think we're supposed to be a little weird...

  4. Absolutely! I'm a card carrying member of the weird and interesting group. Well said! :)

  5. well what does the name PhenoMenon tell you? :))))



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