Friday, April 25, 2014

Visuals of a great sunset!

Anyone who takes 5 pictures of the sunset knows how splendid the sky looks. I've stood for hours on my terrace just to look at the sky light up in a various hues of orange. I great sunset is like a lovely reward for a day well spent. I remember on a hot summer's day when the sun finally decides to call it off and make peace with us lowly creatures. It's almost as if the parting gift for being terrible. Lime a house guest who is annoying, but brings you a nice present for being crappy.

I remember this one sunset, I'd bought a new camera. Like a basic point and shoot and I was just trying out stuff, I didn't know what to click. My first reflex was to go upstairs and point at the sun. It was bloody brilliant looking. My grandparents who are very old weren't really too enthu about running up 2 floors to see the sunset, so I brought the sunset to them. I sat for sometime with my ajji and showed her the sunset. I cannot believe how excited she was. The best was of taking them outside without taking them out.

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