Monday, April 28, 2014

Two X Chromosomes.

What does it mean to have to have 2 X chromosomes?

Quick bio class for everyone if you've forgotten,  Chromosomes are what help determine sex (although recent study indicate more than just determining sex. Two X chromosomes means female and XY means male). Now that's about the refresher.

I've heard the lines, "Yaar, if only I was a guy"; This mostly in one or two contexts. Life would obviously be different if I was a guy, however, I won't complain. I'm super happy about being female. I know a few people who rolled their eyes thinking this is going to be another tripe on the joys of being a woman that a lot of us tell ourselves just to make ourselves feel better. I've done it, so I'm not going to delve on it.

I'm not going to comment on the kind of friendships that men share or the kind of camaraderie I share with my male friends. But I want this one to be about my girlfriends! They make life, the best.

Women friends are awesome because

  1.  They tell each other *everything*. From whether my hair looks funny to whether I'm over thinking it to if my shirt is too loose. They'll be honest.
  2.  They can talk about anything. Having a woman bestie means you can discuss anything. And by anything, I mean anything.Nothing is out of bounds. From discussing their significant other to narcissistically discussing themselves.
  3. They're great with reality checks: Don't know what to do with yourself? Think you're screwing up? Ask your best friend. With being brutally honest they'll know exactly what is good for you.
  4. Women best friends are great for sharing clothes: Although I'm no expert on this stuff, I have more than enough times borrowed and shared my stuff with my friends.You'll have endless fashion advice.
  5.   They are zero drama: I know this is not what everyone thinks, but if you find your soul mate of a best friend, she'll be there. Like a sister through thick, thin and in between.There is no drama. Life is a breeze, conversation will flow, so will laughter and so will tears.
  6.     They'll know the reason you're throwing a fit. They'll empathise.
  7.     They'll know you need your space.
  8.     They'll leave you be. But they'll arrive that the precise moment you need them.
  9.     They'll get busy with their life and commitments, but you can be sure to have a ear when you need to be heard. 
  10. You can say the cheesiest things to them. Extra hearts, extra XOXO even being borderline creepy
  11. I can tell the same story over and over and over again, my friend will never tire of hearing it.
  12. You have someone to get pissed with. 
  13. They'll give you information. (Yep)


  1. And you can be a closet mean girl without harming anyone because your bestie understands the frustration that sparks the vitriol and understands and grants you the safety to be brutally honest and / or irrationally snarky. I couldn't live without my BFF to put up with my stinky side. :)

  2. I prefer men as friends. :D
    Though I have been best friends with a bunch f girls since kindergarten..for some reason I find lesser drama among men.

  3. Women friends are important, but when I was in school I had more guy friends because teenage girls can be so catty and cruel.


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