Thursday, April 24, 2014

Unapologetic. That's a word I love.

I don't know what makes me happier having the courage to own up and say I'm sorry or being completely unapologetic about my action. I have no shame in saying sorry. When you screw up, you do. When you make a mistake. You just have to own up and apologise. But What makes me happy, is really when people are unapologetic. I am bored and tried of having these 'expectations' that are levied upon people and for crying out loud, they are just ridiculous. We need to stop apologising for being ourselves.

We need to stop saying we're sorry for

  1. Loving our jobs: I see a lot of people who hate their jobs and I became one of them, I somehow felt like I couldn't love my job. But the fact of the matter is,there are going to be operational issues. But there are aspects of your job you are allowed to love and not feel lousy about.
  2. Eating what we love: Everyone has the freedom to eat and drink what they feel like and I'd want to stress on it. We don't have to explain to people why we can belt a medium cheese burst pizza. I've done it and I don't feel guilty. I don't feel like I owe anyone any explanation.
  3. Being Happy: About a year ago, I was happy about something but sadly someone I know wasn't in the best place in their life and I felt terrible for being happy. I felt torn between being ecstatic and absolute guilt. I couldn't feel better about feeling happy. Nobody expected me to be sad, but it just happened. But I realised that my being sad didn't fix any issue. I realised if I just felt better without the pompous display of my happiness, I'd be in a much better place to deal with whatever that was troubling others. Putting your happiness on hold is not the way to deal with someone else's grief. 
  4. Loving what you love: Absolute honesty about what you like. There is nothing to feel ashamed of. I like collecting things that don't mean much to others. But i like them. I like wearing cartoon print shirts, not the most "fashionable". But I like them. If I'm not cool for that, then too damn bad! we need to stop living for approval. That's been my lesson in the last year. You are never getting approval. It's not happening. We'll be happier living without it. 

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