Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two States or More can only make you better!

Firstly, thank God the movie has few sterotypes. (Alia Bhat wearing a saree at home was just lil too much). I watched Two States an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's book by the same title. That helped quite nicely establish the vegetarian/Non veg. Madrasi/South Indian rubbish that you'll see the internet littered with.

Zero points to the director for not even changing the name of the movie. Anyway I guess 'Mere Shaadi Ki Kahani' was already taken.

2 states is Chennai Express with a little less stereotyping.

I've lived with people from the East, West, North and South India. We're funnily different and but damn! we're the SAME! I'm a product of Two States. Of course, in an arranged marriage with zero drama, my maternal side being from Karnataka and paternal Side being Maharashtrian. It's actually fun growing up in a multicultural household.

The perks of having a multicultural home?
  1. Too Many Festivals: The list literally doubles. There's just that much more food, more fun customs and it's almost always interesting to see how others react to what for you is a regular thing. 
  2. Oh!knowing a different language: I have two mother tongues. The relief with not having to learn a language but having it come naturally to you is one that you can understand if you live anywhere else. I was clueless in Hyderabad, I couldn't figure out what anyone was saying!
  3. Best Of Both World's: I have a change switch between Marathi/Kannada. It actually is quite easy to go about doing my business, thankfully knowing what is expected of me. I'll not be lost. My recent experience in Kolhapur brings me to this conclusion.
  4. More Food:I have the best time eating food. I'll switch between Puliogre and Puran Poli like it means nothing.
  5. I was born with cultural diversity lessons: Not bragging, but thankfully I don't have to sit through orientation (You'll be surprised at the number of people who need it)
But this is not why I even wrote the post. Growing up in a multi cultural house is good, but you know what is better? Having friends from all over! I cannot thank my friends enough. I often get to hear but a lot of people make their own group and hangout only with them. Thankfully I never had that problem.

The Perks of Having Friends from all over?
  1. You have endless conversations: It doesn't matter if it is the amount of gold that brides wear or the 'why is all your food so oily? ' conversation. It is fun! 
  2. They'll bring new books and TV shows in your life: Some bestseller, hit TV show you've never heard of will be your next favourite, I know this because I discovered Sherlock like that!
  3. Helps with the sense of humour: You'll finally start understanding culture specific jokes from movies. You can Google, but it not nearly as fun as seeing it unfold in front of you.
  4. You have endless eating options: When any of my roommates comes from home or when i come back, I know my flat is going to be raining with food. It's nothing like you've ever tasted. It's the best! Oh, you have to try the 'I don't know what its called but it's very spicy and has cashews in it!' (This was an actual description of something I ate)
  5. Great Cultural Experience: I'm never going to live all over India (although I wouldn't mind it one bit) or the world, but just knowing people from everywhere gives you spectacular amounts of appreciation for diversity.It takes you out of your tiny bubble.
  6. Forever tour guide: I can pretty much hit any part of India, I have friends who'll tell me what no website will. More importantly what to expect. Oh, no scope for culture shock.
  7. You'll refuse to believe another stereotype: If you think something is weird, run it by your friends they'll know better than just to confirm, they'll actually give you details. Yes, not all Punjabis swear by butter chicken immaterial of what the media says (Or so my Punjabi roommate confirms). 
  8. They'll confirm that you are not really different: You are very very similar. Similar aspiration, goals, life, aims. dealing with pretty much the same crap! and wanting to have a little fun!
  9. Language #$%@*!: No, I don't mean Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, French. I mean swear words! I can comfortably swear in multiple languages like a pro! Friends from all over the world means never being clueless about a swear word! I can tell a friendly and non friendly 'kaminey' (keeping it clean)
  10. Accents: Yes, Accents exist and I'm not going to shy away from that fact. You get to learn how to speak a language in the accent it was meant to be spoken in. The right pauses et all. You may never learn it, but you'll certainly know what is being said.
  11. Ground Reality: Recently, I've come to realise this advantage. I was travelling to Hyderabad and the media made it look like all of Andhra was under lock down on red alert (Because of Telangana). When in fact it was a portion of Andhra, how I know this? One phone call. 
  12. Endless Weddings: I cannot wait for my many friends to be married! It's where you'll get to experience chaos, love, warmth, great food and all of those 'great cultural experience'  things in one place. You'll also realise that *all* Indian weddings are the same.
  13. Makes you open minded: It's a huge learning experience. It'll either make you a bitter person who'll believe that people are terrible but in most cases it'll make you a better human. It'll make you curious. It'll make you want to explore your own culture, beliefs, food, will give you appreciation even . It'll make you question every stereotype that you've conformed to subconsciously. It'll help you truly become a non terrible person.
  14. Helps fix geography : A lot of people have no idea how many states there are in India. Get friends from all over, you'll know the exact difference between Assam and the North east or Chennai and the rest of the South or How Africa is a continent, not a country,
 We're a lot of people on Earth, it'll be nice just to be able to call anywhere our home.

World Peace!


  1. I married a UPite and I'm a many differences and it was one hell of a job to finally get married...and that too when we just had to pacify one side for my parents were always ready... So somewhere I can relate a bit to the book but ofcourse they go for the overkill with the stereotypes...You are right we are essentially the same but we think we are superior than the other of the same country

    T for Tired-Random Thoughts Naba

  2. I watched the movie yesterday and liked it. There are people who still think that all punjabis have patiala pegs, whereas I know so many who don't drink. Same is the case with non-veg, yes they like to dance and love to have people over for gup-shup :) I think we all like good music, good food and good friends.

  3. Been hearing mixed reviews for this one...the book was kind of predictable though! Enjoyed the review!
    Danny Simon

  4. Nice review n good list Maggie. I'm a 2 stater, multi-lingual too so totally connect with this post.

  5. I love having friends all over the world, for all the reasons you listed! Great post.

  6. It amazes me when I look at my blog stats and see that people are reading in India, Australia and other wonderful places. It is an amazing world we live in. If only we could live in peace everywhere.

  7. I can so well correlate with you... :) I am a chennaite but then I am more of a North Indian product and all the advantages you say are there.. :)

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!


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