Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Good Men and Women On TV

After having spent a lot of time being in fictional love with book characters, it was time to watch them on the big screen, I don't know if book based movies we rare when I was a kid, but off late you see almost every book being made into a film and TV show, or at least an inspired TV show. I love watching sitcoms and TV drama. I have over a period of time developed a special skill to watch seasons and seasons of shows in the span of 24 hours. I will eat, breathe, sleep on TV show till it is done!

The shows I love include FRIENDS, White Collar, Sarabhai. Suits, 8 Simple Rules, Boston Legal, Scrubs, Sherlock, Dr Who, House, Psych, That 70's show. These are the ones I actually watched and rewatched then there are a ton of shows that I watched but didn't really become a fan of Dexter, The Big Bang Theory Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, 90210.... The list is endless!

What I love about the men and women on TV is the fact that everybody somehow sails through.Lots of drama but some smartness and everyone lives (unless it is Game of Thrones).

Here's a list of things that I learned from TV Shows

  1. Intelligence is immensely sexy: I don't really care for a pretty face, most guys on TV looks great. But damn! I think part of the appeal why I love Matt Bomer, Benedict Cumberbatch is because they make being smart so so appealing. After a point you stop noticing their face.
  2. Humour is the best thing: Nothing works as well as wit. I have Chandler's sense of humour and it has made me and a few other people very happy. I learned that dealing with the most terrible situation with humour was still the best bet!
  3. It'll all work out in the end: I've never seen a TV Show without a happy ending, why should there be one? The one thing I've learned from all these TV shows is simply how all the craziness finds salvation. 
  4. It never hurts to be rich: Philosophy aside. It does promote the perks of having enough money. You can always cry in your penthouse, a lot more comfortably.
  5. It's okay to live in a parallel world: We all have our fantasy and it is absolutely great to invest time and energy in understanding the nuances of a  culture that you will never encounter. It teaches you a lot more about yourself. (Dr Who)
  6. Who says you can't cry over fictional characters? :The characters you love on screen remind us of people we know, you can;t blame people for emotionally being tied to these characters.  don't know a Sherlock like character, but I definitely know people who are smart, curious and so well read. I'm investing in Sherlock as a mirror to these people. 
  7.  Accept Problematic Characters and People: Someone said Maggie, you're exactly like Phoebe, I like you because of that. The more pronounced the flaws of the characters, the easier it makes for us to like the real people we associate them with.
  8. Nobody knows anything: I take so much comfort in seeing Neal and Harvey fail. They go in assuming that they have things under control and all hell breaks lose. Damn!
  9. It gets you interested in cultures/people  nothing like yourself: Nobody wants to watch their life on TV, We want to be put in a situation where we'll have to make sense of unfamiliar territory and find it in us to understand their workings of people. Dexter? Breaking Bad? 
  10. Women are awesome: I like how wonderful most women on the TV shows I watch are. Self made, confident, in control of their relationships. They have a million flaws and they so gracefully emerge out of every mess there is!


  1. What a cool observation. I loved it. I only like a few of the shows you mentioned -- Suits being one of my favorites -- but what about SCANDAL or REVENGE or BLACK LIST --

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  2. Nice list! Haven't really been into TV sitcoms...just House off late...n I guess everyone of them does have a happy ending when the patient survives!

  3. Adore sitcoms and I must admit that I like a lot of the shows you have mentioned too! Yes, it is a good way to lose oneself in the world of make-believe :)

    Shailaja @Doting Mom

  4. Ha ha ha.... I like most of the shows mentioned and I feel we learn a lot through SitComs!! :)

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  5. haha well this was a lesson I'm glad I didn't miss :)

    S for Safe-Random Thoughts Naba

  6. Cool topic! I've not watched a lot of what you mentioned mainly because of time constraints, but I know I would have loved some of them as well. I do like FRIENDS (Phoebe's my fave) and Psych, like you do. And like you, I am in love with intelligent characters. My other fave shows, BONES and NCIS, for instance, have brainy characters in them.

  7. So I want to cry in my penthouse now. I have decided!
    and yes, it better work out in the end!

  8. Great observations... I really enjoyed this post!


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