Thursday, April 17, 2014

OMG! Bookshelves!

What suits are to some, bookshelves are to me! I love looking at a sexy bookshelf, in fact and this is not even a 'confession' I have a folder on my computer called 'Dream Bookshelves'. It's just picture after picture of gorgeous looking bookshelves. I walk into a house and I look for books. That's the first thing I notice. My house is lined up with books 3 cupboards full and counting. So you must imagine I have a bookshelf myself? Nope.

As much as I love bookshelves, I'm more possessive about my books, having them displayed on a wall only for people to come and ask me for it, gives me goosebumps. Although my most prized possessions are with me in the 'inside' bookshelf.

Every time Arun Jaitley comes on TV, I ogle at the wall to wall bookshelf in the back (Plus his intelligent talk is such a huge incentive). Oh what a glorious sight it is! There is something called 'Bookshelf Porn' ( you can look it up and it's the best damn thing you'll lay your eyes on. No, it is completely safe. Just beautiful bookshelf after bookshelf.

When I have a house of my own, I can't wait to have a stunning bookshelf. Wall to wall. Like in the movies. May be even a secret passage way that leads to a super secret library. I have goosebumps thinking about it.

I'm not an orgainsed person. I'm fairly well kept. But my bookshelf? Oh! It's impeccable. Each book laid out. No dog ears. No folded pages. No stacking up. Old books go in bags. Each book has a bookmark. My bookshelf or cupboard should I say is a pretty picture of a few hundred books all waiting to be summoned by me! (Oh! I treat them like my royal subjects)


  1. I feel that same way about my books and I dream for a wall to wall shelf where I can keep all my books!

    O for Ostracized-Random Thoughts Naba

  2. BOOKSHELFPORN? Seriously?!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man...I am enchanted by bookshelves and old libraries!!

  3. I am fainting.. someone please hold me... Bookshelves :O :O :O Beautiful!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  4. The hubs and I took a while to work out a system to first combine our large libraries and then shelve them. He honestly labels and shelves all his books using the Library of Congress system, which sounds kind of anal, but we'd never find anything otherwise. He's a college prof who brought 4,000 books to our marriage! I'm so glad he has a campus office, or we'd need a way bigger house. LOL.

    Happy A-Zing
    Laurel's Leaves

  5. I LOVE bookshelves. In one house we rented there was an entire wall of 12 foot bookshelves, and I've been longing for a set up like that ever since. It's so easy to get spoiled!

    True Heroes from A to Z

  6. Wonderful...I love bookshelves too! Cool pics!

  7. I love bookshelves! I have seen some really creative ones a few years ago. Forget the site. And good to know you are a meticulous bibliophile :)

  8. Bookshelves are absolutely beautiful!

  9. haha yes everytime any one comes on TV and they have a bookshelf in backdrop I stare :D


  10. Yes, Bookshelves are a high any time, though I use too much kindle now but a hard copy is above all else.

  11. I want the one in the second picture! How wonderful that would be
    Carol @ Battered Hope


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